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OSD fonts badly rendered on a 16:9 HDTV

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: Isaac Richards
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Component: mythtv Version: 0.20.2
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Hi all,

I run Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)with the latest updates at this date, on x86_64, with MythTV, which means I am practically running Mythbuntu. MythTV is at version 0.20.2

It is connected to an HDTV using DVI/HDMI and is running at 1920x1080.

I am currently using an NVIDIA card using the Ubuntu nvidia-glx (driver version 1.0--9639). The problem existed as well when using an Intel GPU in the same machine (2.0 then 2.1.1 drivers).

The display is set hard to 100dpi in xorg using Option "UseEdidDpi?" "FALSE" in the Monitor Section of xorg.conf. In /var/log/Xorg.o.log:

() NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (100, 100); computed from "DPI" X config option

All the normal theme stuff (general menus, EPG, etc...) is displaying great.

BUT -- All the OSD, when watching 16:9 TV programming, has fonts rendered badly, with weird aspect ratios and character overlaps. This is for the OSD menu, the program information, the volume setting, position, etc...

I tried many different OSD themes with the same results.

I made a few snapshots of how it looks like. They are available here:

Any info/dumps/logs/confs can be provided quickly upon request. More info about the complete setup there:

I have opened a bug downstream (Ubuntu) here:

I have started a thread on the mailing list here:

Many thanks for looking nto this.


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Please wait for someone to explain DisplaySize? to you on the mailing list, or better yet search the mailing list archives.

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Friendly place, here.

OK, I decided not to be too offended by the abuse.

On top of the NVIDIA way of hard-coding the DPI (yes, I did read the FAQ on the wiki) I have added the display size stuff.

Section "Monitor"

Identifier "MonitorTMDS" Option "DPMS" Option "UseEdidDpi?" "FALSE" Option "DPI" "100 x 100" # For 1920x1080 at 100dpi (16:9) DisplaySize? 487 274


I kick gdm in order to restart X.

I check, same bad rendering for the OSD. No mention of DisplaySize? in the X logs. I still get the normal NVIDIA stuff:

() NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (100, 100); computed from "DPI" X config option

So why not remove the NVIDIA-specific stuff, and only leave the displaysize statement?

Section "Monitor"

Identifier "MonitorTMDS" Option "DPMS" # For 1920x1080 at 100dpi (16:9) DisplaySize? 487 274

# Option "UseEdidDpi?" "FALSE" # Option "DPI" "100 x 100" EndSection?

I swiftly do that and restart X.

The menus have very small fonts now. But the OSD is still badly rendered.

I check the X logs and still get no mention of DisplaySize?.

But instead I get this:

(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (46, 46); computed from "UseEdidDpi?" X config option

DisplaySize? is apparently not a valid entry for the NVIDIA driver...

But rest assured that DisplaySize? was a valid entry when I was using the on-board Intel GPU. I had tried it a few months ago, and still it did not fix my OSD text rendering issues. I do read wikis and mailing list archives. I do use Google too.

So it sounds like I'm not such a complete moron after all and that closing the ticket may have been done slightly too early.

So, what's your take on what I still think is a bug?


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There are well known bugs in the handling of DisplaySize? in some versions of the nVidia driver. Please seek assistance in the mythtv user's mailing list. I'm sorry if you perceive this as abuse but we can not allow trac to be used as a support forum so I will not explain anything about this here as that would encourage others to further the bug tracking system.

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