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mtd and AC3 selected fails

Reported by: steve@… Owned by: Anduin Withers
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.22
Component: mythdvd Version: head
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latest svn build as of 2-15-08 slap in a dvd and try to import it. If I select AC3 the transcode thinks for a few minutes then claims its all done but only creates an empty .avi file. perfect or good level of transcoding doesnt seem to matter. but if I dont select AC3 it transcodes just fine.

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by Anduin Withers

Milestone: unknown0.22
Status: newinfoneeded_new

The MTD log will contain the transcode command, do it manually and attach any errors to this ticket.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by anonymous

transcode -i /var/lib/mythdvd/temp/UNDEFINED/vob/ -g 720x480 -M 2 -V -j 0,8,0,8 -B 0,2 -y xvid -w 1618 -A -N 0x2000 -o /mnt/mpc/mythtv/video/UNDEFINED.avi --print_status 20 --color 0 * WARNING: The option -V is deprecated. * * Transcode internal frame handling is now in YV12 / YUV420 * * format by default because most codecs can only handle this format, * * otherwise leading to unnecessary time and quality wasting conversions. * * If you want to have to "old" behaviour (RGB24 as internal format), * * then please use the new -1/--use_rgb option * transcode v1.0.2 (C) 2001-2003 Thomas Oestreich, 2003-2004 T. Bitterberg [transcode] (probe) suggested AV correction -D 1 (41 ms) | AV 83 ms | 41 ms [transcode] auto-probing source /var/lib/mythdvd/temp/UNDEFINED/vob/ (ok) [transcode] V: import format | MPEG-2 (V=vob|A=vob) [transcode] V: AV demux/sync | (2) initial MPEG sequence / enforce frame rate [transcode] V: import frame | 720x480 1.50:1 encoded @ 4:3 [transcode] V: clip frame (<-) | 704x480 [transcode] V: new aspect ratio | 640x480 1.36:1 (-B) [transcode] V: bits/pixel | 0.220 [transcode] V: decoding fps,frc | 23.976,1 [transcode] V: Y'CbCr? | YV12/I420 [transcode] A: import format | 0x10001 LPCM [48000,16,2] 1536 kbps [transcode] A: export format | 0x2000 AC3 [48000,16,2] 1536 kbps [transcode] V: encoding fps,frc | 23.976,1 [transcode] A: bytes per frame | 8008 (8008.000000) [transcode] A: adjustment | 0@1000 [transcode] V: IA32/AMD64 accel | sse2 (sse2 sse mmxext mmx asm C) tc_memcpy: using sse for memcpy [transcode] V: video buffer | 10 @ 720x480 [] v0.6.0 (2003-10-02) (video) MPEG-2 | (audio) MPEG/AC3/PCM | (subtitle) [] v0.0.5 (2003-12-05) (video) XviD 1.0.x series (aka API 4.0) | (audio) MPEG/AC3/PCM [] tccat -i "/var/lib/mythdvd/temp/UNDEFINED/vob/" -t vob -d 0 -S 0 | tcdemux -a 0 -x ac3 -S 0 -M 2 -d 0 | tcextract -t vob -a 0 -x ac3 -d 0 | tcextract -t raw -x ac3 -d 0 tc_memcpy: using sse for memcpy tc_memcpy: using sse for memcpy [] tccat -i "/var/lib/mythdvd/temp/UNDEFINED/vob/" -t vob -d 0 -S 0 | tcdemux -s 0xa0 -x mpeg2 -S 0 -M 2 -f 23.976024 -P /tmp/fileIAlMNv -d 0 | tcextract -t vob -a 0 -x mpeg2 -d 0 | tcdecode -x mpeg2 -d 0 -y yv12 tc_memcpy: using sse for memcpy [decode_mpeg2.c] libmpeg2 0.4.0b loop decoder [decode_mpeg2.c] libmpeg2 acceleration: mmxext [] Neither './xvid4.cfg' nor '~/.transcode/xvid4.cfg' [] found. Default settings will be used instead.

clean up | frame threads | unload modules | cancel signal | internal threads | done [transcode] encoded 0 frames (0 dropped, 0 cloned), clip length 0.00 s

thats it.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by Anduin Withers

Resolution: wontfix
Status: infoneeded_newclosed

Your source audio is LPCM the AC3 checkbox enables the –A option for transcode, which is only good for pass-through. (Yes the UI should do a better job)

comment:4 Changed 13 years ago by stuartm

(In [16505]) Fix alignment of text in Recording Options window. Refs #4689.

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