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blocking in ThreadedFileWriter — at Initial Version

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: Isaac Richards
Priority: major Milestone: 0.19
Component: mythtv Version: head
Severity: medium Keywords: blocking scheduler
Cc: Ticket locked: no


SVN for the last week has had some major issues with blocking in file writing. In a test system that has not had any changes except SVN versions of Myth, we've seen blocking very frequently. The problem typically comes up when recording two HD shows or viewing one and recording another. This had worked fine, including recording 4 HD streams and viewing another using SVN from three weeks ago. When failures occured, we tried increasing the ring buffer size 4 times the default without any help. The system is not out of memory either. Doing a top shows the mythbackend running at 60%-100% CPU usage, which I've never seen before. The system load (via the w command or top) has shown the load between 6-14 at times, when nothing else except system processes were running. Stopping the backend returns the system back to a normal load. DMA has been checked on the drives, so it's not this (And since nothing changed since it worked fine.)

I think the system load jumping so high may be a sign of a threading problem for file writing?

We've disabled the eit-parser since this was what I've noticed the most experimental changes in lately but it had no effect.

The end result are video files with major corruption. Over a 5 minute span, only 2-5 second clips every 5-30 seconds are saved.

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