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mythicalLibrarian user contribution

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I am finished with the core features of mythicalLibrarian, a script to rename mythtv recordings into season and episode. I was wondering if this would be good to add in as a contribution?

Basically, the way I think of mythicalLibrarian is all in the name. It determines if the movie is an episode, show, or movie.

Movies are referenced against the mythtvdb, and assigned Title (year).ext Shows are assigned a Title S0E0 (subtitle).ext name

Episodes are referenced against the mythtvdb, and assigned a Title SxxExx? (subtitle).ext. mythicalLibrarian works offline and has a multitude of safety checks to ensure proper naming including:

--doover feature which repeats any episodes which were assigned to the doover que because the internal logic determined information was not availble at the time from thetvdb.

--undo feature which removes all changes --scan which allows the user to scan a whole folder for a speciffic type of file and then process each one through mythicalLibrarian

This program is constantly adapting to new guide data types, so any problem reports which are filed can be addressed and once fixed, the user can run mythicalLibrarian --update and grab the latest version.

I have spent months of work on this and it is my goal to fully support every show in the best possible manner with absolutely zero human intervention. This is why I call it mythicalLibrarian. It is a librarian who works to keep your files not only human readable, but all information which is known may be rebuilt after a full database crash by using the naming conventions which I have set.

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Please don't set milestones on tickets.

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Thank you for the work you've done on the script. At this point, we're actually trying to reduce the number of things in the contrib directory by moving some functionality into MythTV proper and trying to make the remainder more maintainable. The preferred location for user-contributed scripts is now the wiki. See (and the rest of the thread) for more discussion.

Since your script may be useful for other users, please create a page for it on the wiki, and add a tag to put it in the Scripts category so a link will appear on Thanks, again.

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I don't think you understand. This is not a hack. This script carries FULL support, guaranteed to work with schedules direct, MC2XML, Zap2it and others as long as the program ID uses the SH/EP/MV/SP format.

You do realize that the home for this script is on XBMC which was just struck by lightening recently?

Here is the download only site:

I think it would be foolish to include mythrename and not mythicalLibrarian which is basically mythrename on steroids with proper universal naming conventions, rss2.0 feeds, full detailed logging and communication optison as well as a, a --undo option and full support for online updates using the command line switch --update.

Seriously. It's that good.

It's there if you want it. I'm not making yet another wiki page.

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Like mdean, I too appreciate the hard work you've done. mythrename has been removed from trunk and won't be in .23 either. As mentioned, we are working to move the scripts into the user ecosystem and out of our support structure. It's no slight intended towards your work, but merely an indication of the direction we are taking. We have closed similar tickets and will probably be doing so with others in the future.

Some things you should consider as you continue to work on the script on your own:

  • It should use one of the sets of bindings, not just be a series of bash scripts. The bindings will track the many forthcoming database changes (which will break this script completely as soon as they are implemented)
  • This script will not work properly in many non-english locales because of character set issues.
  • This script will not work properly with EIT-provided listings and many non-english listings sources because of programid assumptions you make that are unique to Schedules Direct/TMS.
  • This script is incompatible with non-linux setups.
  • There are a whole set of TMDB and TVDB bindings that you can take advantage of in the Myth bindings rather than using sed to parse XML (a painful exercise in BASH)
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