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Transcoding does not permanently remove commercials from recording or archive

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Have tried to figure this out via this post but cannot get anywhere.

I am using Mythbunt 9.10, upgraded to Myth 0.23-fixes.

I have a recording and have defined a cutlist (removed commercials). I have then initiated a transcode, so that when I view the recording in MythTV, the commercials are not shown. The recording has a picture of scissors in the recordings listing (so I guess this means there's a cutlist and has been transcoded).

Question: As per the last line here are the commercials (or cuts) supposed to be permanently removed after the transcode?

If I then use MythArchive? to export to a file, there is no menu option select/toggle the cutlist for the recording. I hit M for the menu and all I see is Clear All, Select All and Cancel on the Select Recordings screen and Remove Item and Cancel on the Select Archive Items screen.

I'm told on the forums that hitting C (TOGGLECUT) should include the cutlist but does not.

Question: When I use MythArchive? to export to a file AND use the cutlist, is the exported file supposed to be cut or should I get the original file and an XML file? If the latter then how do I do the cut (outside of MythTV presumably)?

Thanks in advance.

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If you are creating a regular DVD (Archive Files->Create DVD) and if you have created a cut list for a recording then you can have MythArchive? remove the cut list before creating the DVD. You do that by either pressing C (TOGGLECUT) or use the menu and select 'Use Cutlist' on the Select Archive Items screen. If you don't see the scissors icon then MythArchive? cannot find a cut list for the recording.

If you are creating an archive of a recording (Archive Files->Create Archive) then you cannot remove the cutlist. The file is just copied to the archive along with all the metadata contained in an xml file. The metadata does include the cutlist so if you import the file into another myth setup or restore it onto the same setup the cutlist will be restored.

Closing as invalid since it sounds like a misunderstanding.

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After lots of investigation, yes I misunderstood the MythArchive? system.

My expectation now is that if I have a recording, create a manual cutlist (and then an auto transcode takes place)...shouldn't the recording be permanently changed so that the cut out bits are really cut out (and the recording is a smaller file)? If so, then if I export to a file using MythArchive?, the exported file will be the same as the permanently cut recording?

Otherwise, how do I take a recording with a cutlist, permanently remove the cuts and then have a copy of that file? I just want an MPG (or any video/audio format) that has the parts removed as per the cutlist I create. Using the frontend or via a terminal is fine...just I cannot seem to get a definitive answer from the forums! Everyone is helpful mind you...just ambiguous and unsure!

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