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    1 Auto-detection of HDHomeRun tuners only works when the tuner and backend exist on the same logical subnet.  If mythbackend exists on a separate network across a router, or has a different broadcast address for whatever reason, the tuner must be configured manually with the IP address.  When doing so, both tuners cannot be used simultaneously.
    3 When a connection to the second tuner is initiated, the connection to the first tuner is lost.  MythTV will continue to think it is recording on the first tuner until the scheduled end of the show, or the termination of the livetv session.  Teardown of the first tuner will subsequently cause the loss of connection to the second tuner.
     1When accessing the HDHomeRun using a manual IP address rather than autodetection, the second tuner is not accessible.  Setting MythTV to use the second tuner will be ignored, and it will access the first anyway.  If MythTV is already using the first tuner, the existing recording will be silently disconnected.