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Jan 18, 2011, 8:40:43 AM (11 years ago)
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    initial v1  
    1 Mythtv 0.24
    2 For example, consider the 6 channel, go to the menu.
    3 For whatever reason, receive 6 channels over time becomes impossible.
    4 Go to Live-tv, mythtv tries to immediately play 6 channel, he can not, and he throws out the menu with an error that the buffer is too long to empty. The problem is that Mythtv does not switch to another channel, and this situation is repeated ad infinitum, until the 6 channel again becomes available.
    5 Propose that we consider so that if you can not take any either channel does not fall out on the menu just to inform the OSD of not receiving the channel and continue to wait for commands from the user, such as switching to another channel.
     1If the last tuned channel goes offline, the next time LiveTV is attempted, it will try, and fail, tuning that channel, before dumping back to the main menu.  This loop cannot be broken out of until either the last tuned channel comes back online, or the start channel is changed in mythtv-setup.