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Possible Future Development Tasks

This is not a general feature request list (for that, go to the wiki), these are items that the people actively contributing code to MythTV have identified as important to the future of MythTV, or intend to develop themselves.

If you see things you would like to work on, please email the mythtv-dev list for details/questions/etc.

Recently Completed

  • Rewrite OSD.
  • Improve support for HD audio codecs and output.
  • Playback support for the Bluray disk format.
  • Support for playback of ISO and VIDEO_TS folders over storage groups to allow removal of local file support.
  • Theme download site and accompanying mythfrontend/mythbackend code

In Progress

High Priority

Normal Priority

  • Menu support for the Bluray disk format.
  • A more standard communication protocol between the frontend/backend/etc. Currently uses a custom protocol, and it would be nice to replace with something that's more of a standard. Note: this really needs to be fairly efficient, since this is a common task. Parsing XML queries/responses several hundred times a second really isn't a good thing to be spending CPU time on.
  • Improve developer documentation by doxygenifying all the major classes, and the major subsystems of MythTV.
  • Split of mythbackend into a two programs; one for performing scheduling, file serving, and jobqueue, the other for handling capture inputs.
  • Rework of jobqueue to remove special handling of transcoding/commflagging, and remove the four-userjob limit.
  • Revamp of perl bindings.
  • Additional official bindings: php (split from MythWeb?), ruby, java, ...
  • Revamp of nuvexport.