This is the list of people who will look at any bugs, feature requests, and patches in a particular area of MythTV for committing to SVN head. If someone on this list is absent or busy; others may fill their shoes, depending on the severity of the problem and/or complexity of the patch.

This is not the list of people who wrote or contributed to specific part of MythTV; rather this is a list of who will review and commit a patch. There are a few exceptions, but only where there is no committing reviewer responsible for that component other than Isaac.

We also have a page to list WhosWho.


OSX jyavenard Jean-Yves Avenard
Windows dblain David Blain
Raspberry Pi pbennett Peter Bennett


Translations nick, kenni Nick Morrott, Kenni Lund
developer docs stuartm Stuart Morgan


audio output jyavenard Jean-Yves Avenard
video output
xmltv stuartm Stuart Morgan
xmltv:datadirect None
scheduling internals gigem David Engel
scheduling interface gigem
Commercial flagging cpinkham Chris Pinkham <cpinkham A bc2va D org>
Transcode cpinkham
Lossless MPEG-2 Transcoding
JobQueue? cpinkham
Recording Groups cpinkham
libav jyavenard Jean-Yves Avenard
samplerate jyavenard Jean-Yves Avenard
soundtouch jyavenard Jean-Yves Avenard
MythUI stuartm Stuart Morgan
Channel Scan
Internal DVD playback peper03 Richard Hulme
uPnP stuartm Stuart Morgan
Service API Framework dblain David Blain


NuppelVideo Recorder
Firewire Recorder
MPEG Recorder
HDTV Recorder
DVB Recorder stuarta,dekarl,stuartm Stuart Auchterlonie, Karl Dietz, Stuart Morgan
IPTV Recorder
EIT Scanner stuarta, dekarl Stuart Auchterlonie, Karl Dietz


MythArchive paulh Paul Harrison
MythBrowser None
MythGallery None
MythGame None
MythMusic paulh, stuartm Paul Harrison, Stuart Morgan
MythNews None
MythNetvision None
MythWeather stuartm Stuart Morgan
MythWeb None
MythZoneMinder paulh Paul Harrison


Python Bindings wagnerrp Raymond Wagner


System Admin stuarta Stuart Auchterlonie
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