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    1 Please verify that:
     1We eventually look at all tickets. But if you go through this quick checklist before submitting the ticket, it will be addressed more quickly.
     3First, please verify that:
    35 * Your bug doesn't already have a ticket
    46 * That your bug is not already fixed in current SVN
    5  * That this is really a bug, and not a feature request.
     7 * That this is really a bug, and not a [ feature request].
    79If this is a compiling problem, e-mail the users list, then the developer list before adding a ticket. These are often caused by toolchain or dependency problems. Of course, if the problem is only present after a particular recent commit, e-mail the developer list immediately.
    1517Tickets are generally not addressed as quickly as e-mails to the developer list, but they ensure that the problem doesn't get completely lost in the noise.
     19If your ticket gets marked as worksforme or invalid consider this a challenge to improve the bug report. Problems often only occur with a particular setting or with some particular hardware. Figuring out what exactly is causing the problem will make it possible to reproduce the bug, which is the first step in fixing it. If the ticket is marked as invalid rather than worksforme, it probably failed some check on this checklist. Also, don't get into an arguement with whoever closed your ticket. Remember, since this person reviewed your ticket, this is the person most likely to fix your problem.