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Please verify that:

  • Your bug doesn't already have a ticket
  • That your bug is not already fixed in current SVN
  • That this is really a bug, and not a feature request.

If this is a compiling problem, e-mail the users list, then the developer list before adding a ticket. These are often caused by toolchain or dependency problems. Of course, if the problem is only present after a particular recent commit, e-mail the developer list immediately.

Once you've decided to create a ticket:

  • Make sure to assign it to the GoToDev for the broken component.
  • Make sure you attach logs, patches, and backtraces after you create the ticket.
  • If problem causes a SEGFAULT, attach the backtrace to the ticket.

Tickets are generally not addressed as quickly as e-mails to the developer list, but they ensure that the problem doesn't get completely lost in the noise.