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Welcome to the MythTV Trac server

As part of the switch from cvs to subversion, the MythTV developers have switched to Trac for ticket management and source browsing.

If you're looking for anonymous subversion access, use the following commands to grab the latest code:

svn co
svn co
svn co

If you'd like to get the stable 0.18.2 branch, do this instead:

svn co
svn co
svn co

If you'd like to check out a specific revision, do this:

svn co -r 7738
svn co -r 7738
svn co -r 7738

Just replace 7738 with the revision number.

P.S. 08Nov2005 - Revision 7738 is the latest revision before Live TV was broken. Live TV is currently under heavy development change.

Once you have a checkout, you can just do a svn update at any time to update it to the most recent revision. Or use svn update -r 7738 to update to a specific revision.

If you're making modifications, a simple svn diff will generate a unified diff. It's quite similar to CVS, but the subversion book has all the information you'd ever want on how to use it. The Basic Work Cycle chapter is especially handy.

If you are having troubles checking out the source, and you are behind a web proxy (such as squid), this may help.

For help building your new SVN source go to the MythTV Documentation.

Bug Reports and Patches

Before submitting Bugs please check with the MythTV-users list to make sure the bug has not already been fixed or is machine specific (ie. to YOUR machine). Then check with the MythTV-dev list to make sure the developers don't already know about the issue and to "ask permission" to create a Ticket. This method helps minimize wasted developer time on non-issue bugs so please follow it!

Instead of sending patches to the mythtv-dev mailing list for inclusion to MythTV, please create a ticket instead (TicketHowTo). This should allow us to track patches better, and hopefully get them handled in a much more timely manner (and avoid losing patches).

P.S. There are a few links here to the official Trac website -- before submitting a bug report, please make sure you haven't accidentally wandered over there.

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Starting Points for using Trac

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