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audiooutputjack.h File Reference
#include <QCoreApplication>
#include <jack/jack.h>
#include <jack/statistics.h>
#include "audiooutputbase.h"
#include "audiooutputsettings.h"
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class  AudioOutputJACK


using jack_port_array = std::array< jack_port_t *, JACK_CHANNELS_MAX >
using jack_vol_array = std::array< int, JACK_CHANNELS_MAX >


static constexpr int8_t JACK_CHANNELS_MIN { 2 }
 maximum number of channels supported, avoids lots of mallocs More...
static constexpr int8_t JACK_CHANNELS_MAX { 8 }

Typedef Documentation

◆ jack_port_array

using jack_port_array = std::array<jack_port_t*,JACK_CHANNELS_MAX>

Definition at line 16 of file audiooutputjack.h.

◆ jack_vol_array

using jack_vol_array = std::array<int,JACK_CHANNELS_MAX>

Definition at line 17 of file audiooutputjack.h.

Variable Documentation


constexpr int8_t JACK_CHANNELS_MIN { 2 }

maximum number of channels supported, avoids lots of mallocs

Definition at line 13 of file audiooutputjack.h.


constexpr int8_t JACK_CHANNELS_MAX { 8 }