MythTV  master
Bug List
Class DVBChannel
Only supports single input cards.
Member DVBChannel::GetChanID (void) const override
This only works if there is only one input on the card.
Member MediaMonitor::MediaMonitor (QObject *par, unsigned long interval, bool allowEject)
If the user changes the MonitorDrives or IgnoreDevices settings, it will have no effect until the frontend is restarted.
Member MythContextPrivate::TempMainWindow (bool languagePrompt=true)
Some of these settings (e.g. window size, theme) seem to be used after the temp window is destroyed.
Class MythDisplay
When using Xinerama/virtual screens, we get the correct screen at startup and we successfully move to another screen at the first attempt. Subsequently trying to move back to the original screen does not work. This appears to be an issue with MythMainWindow relying on MythUIHelper for screen coordinates that are not updated and/or subsequent window movements moving the window into the wrong screen. Much of the MythUIHelper code needs to move into MythDisplay.
Member MythVideoOutput::GetLastDecodedFrame ()
not implemented correctly. vpos is not updated.
Member MythVideoOutput::InputChanged (QSize VideoDim, QSize VideoDispDim, float VideoAspect, MythCodecID CodecID, bool &AspectChanged, int ReferenceFrames, bool ForceChange)
We set the new width height and aspect ratio here, but we should do this based on the new video frames in Show().
Member PreviewGeneratorQueue::event (QEvent *e) override
This function appears to incorrectly compute the value of lastBlockTime. The call to std::max() will correctly ensure that if the old value of lastBlockTime is zero, that the new time for the first "retry" will be two. The problem is that all subsequent "retries" will also be limited to two, so there is no increasing back off interval like it appears was intended.
Member StatusBox::doMachineStatus ()
We should report on all backends and the current frontend.
Member TerrestrialDeliverySystemDescriptor::HierarchyString (void) const
returns "a" for values >= 4 for compatibility with siparser.cpp