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MythUIHelper Class Reference

#include <mythuihelper.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Init (MythUIMenuCallbacks &cbs)
void Init ()
MythUIMenuCallbacksGetMenuCBs ()
bool IsScreenSetup () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythUIThemeCache
 MythUIThemeCache ()
 ~MythUIThemeCache ()
void UpdateImageCache ()
void SetScreenSize (QSize Size)
void ClearThemeCacheDir ()
QString GetThemeCacheDir ()
MythImageLoadCacheImage (QString File, const QString &Label, MythPainter *Painter, ImageCacheMode cacheMode=kCacheNormal)
MythImageCacheImage (const QString &URL, MythImage *Image, bool NoDisk=false)
void RemoveFromCacheByFile (const QString &File)
bool IsImageInCache (const QString &URL)
void IncludeInCacheSize (MythImage *Image)
void ExcludeFromCacheSize (MythImage *Image)
MThreadPoolGetImageThreadPool ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythUIThemeHelper
void InitThemeHelper ()
QString FindThemeDir (const QString &ThemeName, bool Fallback=true)
 Returns the full path to the theme denoted by themename. More...
QString FindMenuThemeDir (const QString &MenuName)
 Returns the full path to the menu theme denoted by menuname. More...
bool FindThemeFile (QString &Path)
QString GetThemeDir ()
QString GetThemeName ()
QStringList GetThemeSearchPath ()
QString GetMenuThemeDir ()
QSize GetBaseSize () const
QList< ThemeInfoGetThemes (ThemeType Type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythUILocation
void AddCurrentLocation (const QString &Location)
QString RemoveCurrentLocation ()
QString GetCurrentLocation (bool FullPath=false, bool MainStackOnly=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static MythUIHelpergetMythUI ()
static void destroyMythUI ()

Protected Member Functions

 MythUIHelper ()=default
 ~MythUIHelper ()=default

Private Attributes

MythUIMenuCallbacks m_callbacks { nullptr,nullptr,nullptr,nullptr,nullptr }
bool m_screenSetup { false }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file mythuihelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MythUIHelper()

MythUIHelper::MythUIHelper ( )

Referenced by getMythUI().

◆ ~MythUIHelper()

MythUIHelper::~MythUIHelper ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMythUI()

MythUIHelper * MythUIHelper::getMythUI ( )

Definition at line 36 of file mythuihelper.cpp.

Referenced by GetMythUI().

◆ destroyMythUI()

void MythUIHelper::destroyMythUI ( )

Definition at line 58 of file mythuihelper.cpp.

Referenced by DestroyMythUI().

◆ Init() [1/2]

void MythUIHelper::Init ( MythUIMenuCallbacks cbs)

◆ Init() [2/2]

void MythUIHelper::Init ( )

Definition at line 87 of file mythuihelper.cpp.

◆ GetMenuCBs()

MythUIMenuCallbacks * MythUIHelper::GetMenuCBs ( )

Definition at line 93 of file mythuihelper.cpp.

Referenced by MythThemedMenu::handleAction().

◆ IsScreenSetup()

bool MythUIHelper::IsScreenSetup ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_callbacks

MythUIMenuCallbacks MythUIHelper::m_callbacks { nullptr,nullptr,nullptr,nullptr,nullptr }

Definition at line 43 of file mythuihelper.h.

Referenced by GetMenuCBs(), and Init().

◆ m_screenSetup

bool MythUIHelper::m_screenSetup { false }

Definition at line 44 of file mythuihelper.h.

Referenced by Init(), and IsScreenSetup().

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