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CC708CharacterAttribute Class Reference

#include <cc708window.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CC708CharacterAttribute (bool isItalic=false, bool isBold=false, bool isUnderline=false, QColor fgColor=QColor())
QColor GetFGColor (void) const
QColor GetBGColor (void) const
QColor GetEdgeColor (void) const
uint GetFGAlpha (void) const
uint GetBGAlpha (void) const
bool operator== (const CC708CharacterAttribute &other) const
bool operator!= (const CC708CharacterAttribute &other) const

Static Public Member Functions

static QColor ConvertToQColor (uint eia708color)

Public Attributes

uint m_penSize {k708AttrSizeStandard}
uint m_offset {k708AttrOffsetNormal}
uint m_textTag {0}
uint m_fontTag {0}
uint m_edgeType {k708AttrEdgeNone}
bool m_underline {false}
bool m_italics {false}
bool m_boldface {false}
uint m_fgColor {k708AttrColorWhite}
uint m_fgOpacity {k708AttrOpacitySolid}
uint m_bgColor {k708AttrColorBlack}
uint m_bgOpacity {k708AttrOpacitySolid}
uint m_edgeColor {k708AttrColorBlack}
QColor m_actualFgColor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file cc708window.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CC708CharacterAttribute()

CC708CharacterAttribute::CC708CharacterAttribute ( bool  isItalic = false,
bool  isBold = false,
bool  isUnderline = false,
QColor  fgColor = QColor() 

Definition at line 107 of file cc708window.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertToQColor()

QColor CC708CharacterAttribute::ConvertToQColor ( uint  eia708color)

Definition at line 696 of file cc708window.cpp.

Referenced by GetBGColor(), GetEdgeColor(), GetFGColor(), and CC708Window::GetFillColor().

◆ GetFGColor()

QColor CC708CharacterAttribute::GetFGColor ( void  ) const

◆ GetBGColor()

QColor CC708CharacterAttribute::GetBGColor ( void  ) const

◆ GetEdgeColor()

QColor CC708CharacterAttribute::GetEdgeColor ( void  ) const

Definition at line 133 of file cc708window.h.

Referenced by SubtitleFormat::GetFont(), and FormattedTextChunk::ToLogString().

◆ GetFGAlpha()

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::GetFGAlpha ( void  ) const

◆ GetBGAlpha()

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::GetBGAlpha ( void  ) const

Definition at line 142 of file cc708window.h.

Referenced by GetBGColor(), and FormattedTextChunk::ToLogString().

◆ operator==()

bool CC708CharacterAttribute::operator== ( const CC708CharacterAttribute other) const

Definition at line 679 of file cc708window.cpp.

◆ operator!=()

bool CC708CharacterAttribute::operator!= ( const CC708CharacterAttribute other) const

Definition at line 150 of file cc708window.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_penSize

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_penSize {k708AttrSizeStandard}

◆ m_offset

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_offset {k708AttrOffsetNormal}

◆ m_textTag

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_textTag {0}

Definition at line 92 of file cc708window.h.

Referenced by operator==(), and CC708Pen::SetAttributes().

◆ m_fontTag

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_fontTag {0}

◆ m_edgeType

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_edgeType {k708AttrEdgeNone}

◆ m_underline

bool CC708CharacterAttribute::m_underline {false}

◆ m_italics

bool CC708CharacterAttribute::m_italics {false}

◆ m_boldface

bool CC708CharacterAttribute::m_boldface {false}

◆ m_fgColor

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_fgColor {k708AttrColorWhite}

◆ m_fgOpacity

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_fgOpacity {k708AttrOpacitySolid}

◆ m_bgColor

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_bgColor {k708AttrColorBlack}

◆ m_bgOpacity

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_bgOpacity {k708AttrOpacitySolid}

◆ m_edgeColor

uint CC708CharacterAttribute::m_edgeColor {k708AttrColorBlack}

◆ m_actualFgColor

QColor CC708CharacterAttribute::m_actualFgColor

Definition at line 105 of file cc708window.h.

Referenced by GetFGColor(), and CC708Pen::SetPenStyle().

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