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ChannelGroup Class Reference

#include <channelgroup.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static ChannelGroupList GetChannelGroups (bool includeEmpty=true)
static bool ToggleChannel (uint chanid, int changrpid, bool delete_chan)
static bool AddChannel (uint chanid, int changrpid)
static bool DeleteChannel (uint chanid, int changrpid)
static int GetNextChannelGroup (const ChannelGroupList &sorted, int grpid)
static QString GetChannelGroupName (int grpid)
static int GetChannelGroupId (const QString &changroupname)

Private Member Functions


Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file channelgroup.h.

Member Function Documentation


ChannelGroup::Q_DECLARE_TR_FUNCTIONS ( ChannelGroup  )

◆ GetChannelGroups()

ChannelGroupList ChannelGroup::GetChannelGroups ( bool  includeEmpty = true)

◆ ToggleChannel()

bool ChannelGroup::ToggleChannel ( uint  chanid,
int  changrpid,
bool  delete_chan 

◆ AddChannel()

bool ChannelGroup::AddChannel ( uint  chanid,
int  changrpid 

Definition at line 62 of file channelgroup.cpp.

Referenced by Guide::AddToChannelGroup(), and ChannelGroupSetting::Save().

◆ DeleteChannel()

bool ChannelGroup::DeleteChannel ( uint  chanid,
int  changrpid 

Definition at line 139 of file channelgroup.cpp.

Referenced by Guide::RemoveFromChannelGroup(), and ChannelGroupSetting::Save().

◆ GetNextChannelGroup()

int ChannelGroup::GetNextChannelGroup ( const ChannelGroupList sorted,
int  grpid 

Definition at line 206 of file channelgroup.cpp.

Referenced by GuideGrid::toggleGuideListing().

◆ GetChannelGroupName()

QString ChannelGroup::GetChannelGroupName ( int  grpid)

◆ GetChannelGroupId()

int ChannelGroup::GetChannelGroupId ( const QString &  changroupname)

Definition at line 253 of file channelgroup.cpp.

Referenced by GuideGrid::customEvent(), and TVRec::ToggleChannelFavorite().

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