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LFDPriv Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LFDPriv ()=default
 ~LFDPriv ()

Public Attributes

uint m_generation {0}
bool m_resetTimerOn {false}
MythTimer m_resetTimer
bool m_runPortHandler {false}
bool m_isPortHandlerRunning {false}
QWaitCondition m_portHandlerWait
QMutex m_startStopPortHandlerLock
iec61883_mpeg2_t m_avstream {nullptr}
int m_channel {-1}
int m_outputPlug {-1}
int m_inputPlug {-1}
int m_bandwidth {0}
uint m_noDataCnt {0}
bool m_isP2pNodeOpen {false}
bool m_isBcastNodeOpen {false}
bool m_isStreaming {false}
MThreadm_portHandlerThread {nullptr}
avcinfo_list_t m_devices

Static Public Attributes

static QMutex s_lock
static handle_to_lfd_t s_handle_info

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file linuxfirewiredevice.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LFDPriv()

LFDPriv::LFDPriv ( )

◆ ~LFDPriv()

LFDPriv::~LFDPriv ( )

Definition at line 53 of file linuxfirewiredevice.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_generation

uint LFDPriv::m_generation {0}

◆ m_resetTimerOn

bool LFDPriv::m_resetTimerOn {false}

◆ m_resetTimer

MythTimer LFDPriv::m_resetTimer

◆ m_runPortHandler

bool LFDPriv::m_runPortHandler {false}

◆ m_isPortHandlerRunning

bool LFDPriv::m_isPortHandlerRunning {false}

◆ m_portHandlerWait

QWaitCondition LFDPriv::m_portHandlerWait

◆ m_startStopPortHandlerLock

QMutex LFDPriv::m_startStopPortHandlerLock

◆ m_avstream

iec61883_mpeg2_t LFDPriv::m_avstream {nullptr}

◆ m_channel

int LFDPriv::m_channel {-1}

◆ m_outputPlug

int LFDPriv::m_outputPlug {-1}

◆ m_inputPlug

int LFDPriv::m_inputPlug {-1}

◆ m_bandwidth

int LFDPriv::m_bandwidth {0}

◆ m_noDataCnt

uint LFDPriv::m_noDataCnt {0}

Definition at line 80 of file linuxfirewiredevice.cpp.

Referenced by LinuxFirewireDevice::run().

◆ m_isP2pNodeOpen

bool LFDPriv::m_isP2pNodeOpen {false}

◆ m_isBcastNodeOpen

bool LFDPriv::m_isBcastNodeOpen {false}

◆ m_isStreaming

bool LFDPriv::m_isStreaming {false}

◆ m_portHandlerThread

MThread* LFDPriv::m_portHandlerThread {nullptr}

◆ m_devices

avcinfo_list_t LFDPriv::m_devices

◆ s_lock

QMutex LFDPriv::s_lock

◆ s_handle_info

handle_to_lfd_t LFDPriv::s_handle_info

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