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MHRectangle Class Reference

#include <Visible.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MHRectangle ()=default
 MHRectangle (const MHRectangle &)=default
const char * ClassName () override
void PrintMe (FILE *fd, int nTabs) const override
void Display (MHEngine *engine) override
QRegion GetOpaqueArea () override
MHIngredientClone (MHEngine *) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MHLineArt
 MHLineArt ()=default
 MHLineArt (const MHLineArt &ref)
void Initialise (MHParseNode *p, MHEngine *engine) override
void Preparation (MHEngine *engine) override
void SetFillColour (const MHColour &colour, MHEngine *engine) override
void SetLineColour (const MHColour &colour, MHEngine *engine) override
void SetLineWidth (int nWidth, MHEngine *engine) override
void SetLineStyle (int nStyle, MHEngine *engine) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MHVisible
 MHVisible ()=default
 MHVisible (const MHVisible &ref)
void Destruction (MHEngine *engine) override
void Activation (MHEngine *engine) override
void Deactivation (MHEngine *engine) override
void SetPosition (int nXPosition, int nYPosition, MHEngine *engine) override
void GetPosition (MHRoot *pXPosN, MHRoot *pYPosN) override
void SetBoxSize (int nWidth, int nHeight, MHEngine *engine) override
void GetBoxSize (MHRoot *pWidthDest, MHRoot *pHeightDest) override
void SetPaletteRef (const MHObjectRef &newPalette, MHEngine *engine) override
void BringToFront (MHEngine *engine) override
void SendToBack (MHEngine *engine) override
void PutBefore (const MHRoot *pRef, MHEngine *engine) override
void PutBehind (const MHRoot *pRef, MHEngine *engine) override
virtual QRegion GetVisibleArea ()
void ResetPosition () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MHPresentable
 MHPresentable ()=default
 MHPresentable (const MHPresentable &)=default
void Run (MHEngine *engine) override
void Stop (MHEngine *engine) override
virtual void BeginPlaying (MHEngine *)
virtual void StopPlaying (MHEngine *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MHIngredient
 MHIngredient ()=default
 MHIngredient (const MHIngredient &ref)
 ~MHIngredient () override=default
virtual bool InitiallyActive ()
virtual bool InitiallyAvailable ()
bool IsShared () override
void ContentPreparation (MHEngine *engine) override
void SetData (const MHOctetString &included, MHEngine *engine) override
void SetData (const MHContentRef &referenced, bool fSizeGiven, int size, bool fCCGiven, int cc, MHEngine *engine) override
void Preload (MHEngine *engine) override
void Unload (MHEngine *engine) override
virtual void ContentArrived (const unsigned char *, int, MHEngine *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MHRoot
 MHRoot ()=default
 MHRoot (const MHRoot &)
virtual ~MHRoot ()=default
virtual MHRootFindByObjectNo (int n)
virtual bool GetAvailabilityStatus ()
virtual bool GetRunningStatus ()
virtual void SetTimer (int, bool, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void MakeClone (MHRoot *, MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetInputRegister (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void TestVariable (int, const MHUnion &, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetVariableValue (MHUnion &, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetVariableValue (const MHUnion &)
virtual void GetTextData (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetBackgroundColour (const MHColour &, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetTextColour (const MHColour &, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetFontAttributes (const MHOctetString &, MHEngine *)
virtual void Activate (bool, MHEngine *)
virtual void CallProgram (bool, const MHObjectRef &, const MHSequence< MHParameter * > &, MHEngine *)
virtual void CallActionSlot (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void Move (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void MoveTo (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetTokenPosition (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void AddItem (int, MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void DelItem (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetCellItem (int, const MHObjectRef &, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetListItem (int, const MHObjectRef &, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetItemStatus (int, const MHObjectRef &, MHEngine *)
virtual void SelectItem (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void DeselectItem (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void ToggleItem (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void ScrollItems (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetFirstItem (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetFirstItem (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetListSize (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetTransparency (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void ScaleBitmap (int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetBitmapDecodeOffset (int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetBitmapDecodeOffset (MHRoot *, MHRoot *)
virtual void Clear ()
virtual void GetLineWidth (MHRoot *)
virtual void GetLineStyle (MHRoot *)
virtual void GetLineColour (MHRoot *)
virtual void GetFillColour (MHRoot *)
virtual void DrawArcSector (bool, int, int, int, int, int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void DrawLine (int, int, int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void DrawOval (int, int, int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void DrawRectangle (int, int, int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void DrawPoly (bool, const MHPointVec &, const MHPointVec &, MHEngine *)
virtual void ScaleVideo (int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetVideoDecodeOffset (int, int, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetVideoDecodeOffset (MHRoot *, MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetCounterPosition (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void GetCounterMaxPosition (MHRoot *, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetCounterPosition (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetSpeed (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetInteractionStatus (bool, MHEngine *)
virtual bool GetInteractionStatus (void)
virtual void SetHighlightStatus (bool, MHEngine *)
virtual bool GetHighlightStatus (void)
virtual void Step (int, MHEngine *)
virtual void SetSliderValue (int, MHEngine *)
virtual int GetSliderValue (void)
virtual void SetPortion (int, MHEngine *)
virtual int GetPortion (void)
virtual void SetSliderParameters (int, int, int, MHEngine *)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MHRoot
MHObjectRef m_ObjectReference
- Protected Types inherited from MHLineArt
enum  { LineStyleSolid = 1, LineStyleDashed = 2, LineStyleDotted = 3 }
- Protected Types inherited from MHIngredient
enum  { IN_NoContent, IN_IncludedContent, IN_ReferencedContent }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MHRoot
void InvalidAction (const char *actionName)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MHVisible
static MHRgba GetColour (const MHColour &colour)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MHLineArt
bool m_fBorderedBBox {true}
int m_nOriginalLineWidth {1}
int m_originalLineStyle {LineStyleSolid}
MHColour m_origLineColour
MHColour m_origFillColour
int m_nLineWidth {0}
int m_lineStyle {0}
MHColour m_lineColour
MHColour m_fillColour
- Protected Attributes inherited from MHVisible
int m_nOriginalBoxWidth {-1}
int m_nOriginalBoxHeight {-1}
int m_nOriginalPosX {0}
int m_nOriginalPosY {0}
MHObjectRef m_originalPaletteRef
int m_nBoxWidth {0}
int m_nBoxHeight {0}
int m_nPosX {0}
int m_nPosY {0}
MHObjectRef m_paletteRef
- Protected Attributes inherited from MHIngredient
bool m_fInitiallyActive {true}
int m_nContentHook {0}
bool m_fShared {false}
enum MHIngredient:: { ... }  IN_NoContent
MHOctetString m_origIncludedContent
MHContentRef m_origContentRef
int m_nOrigContentSize {0}
int m_nOrigCCPrio {127}
MHOctetString m_includedContent
MHContentRef m_contentRef
int m_nContentSize {0}
int m_nCCPrio {0}
- Protected Attributes inherited from MHRoot
bool m_fAvailable {false}
bool m_fRunning {false}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 121 of file Visible.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MHRectangle() [1/2]

MHRectangle::MHRectangle ( )

Referenced by Clone().

◆ MHRectangle() [2/2]

MHRectangle::MHRectangle ( const MHRectangle )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClassName()

const char* MHRectangle::ClassName ( )

Reimplemented from MHLineArt.

Definition at line 126 of file Visible.h.

◆ PrintMe()

void MHRectangle::PrintMe ( FILE *  fd,
int  nTabs 
) const

Reimplemented from MHLineArt.

Definition at line 420 of file Visible.cpp.

◆ Display()

void MHRectangle::Display ( MHEngine engine)

Reimplemented from MHLineArt.

Definition at line 460 of file Visible.cpp.

◆ GetOpaqueArea()

QRegion MHRectangle::GetOpaqueArea ( )

Reimplemented from MHVisible.

Definition at line 430 of file Visible.cpp.

◆ Clone()

MHIngredient* MHRectangle::Clone ( MHEngine )

Reimplemented from MHRoot.

Definition at line 132 of file Visible.h.

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