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MythErrorNotification Class Reference

#include <mythnotification.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MythErrorNotification (const QString &Title, const QString &Author, const QString &Details=QString())
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythNotification
 MythNotification (Type nType, void *Parent=nullptr)
 MythNotification (int Id, void *Parent)
 MythNotification (const QString &Title, const QString &Author, const QString &Details=QString())
 MythNotification (Type nType, const QString &Title, const QString &Author, const QString &Details=QString(), const QString &Extra=QString())
 MythNotification (Type nType, DMAP Metadata)
 MythNotification (const MythEvent &Event)
 ~MythNotification () override=default
MythEventclone () const override
 MythNotification (MythNotification &&)=delete
MythNotificationoperator= (MythNotification &&)=delete
void SetId (int Id)
 Contains the application registration id. More...
void SetParent (void *Parent)
 Contains the parent address. Required if id is set Id provided must match the parent address as provided during the MythNotificationCenter registration, otherwise the id value will be ignored. More...
void SetFullScreen (bool FullScreen)
 A notification may request to be displayed in full screen, this request may not be fullfilled should the theme not handle full screen notification. More...
void SetDescription (const QString &Description)
 Contains a short description of the notification. More...
void SetMetaData (const DMAP &MetaData)
 metadata of the notification. In DMAP format. DMAP can contains various information such as artist, album name, author name, genre etc.. More...
void SetDuration (std::chrono::seconds Duration)
 Contains a duration during which the notification will be displayed for. The duration is informative only as the MythNotificationCenter will determine automatically how long a notification can be displayed for and will depend on priority, visibility and other factors. More...
void SetStyle (const QString &sStyle)
 Contains an alternative notification style. Should a style be defined, the Notification Center will attempt to load an alternative theme and fall back to the default one if unsuccessful. More...
void SetVisibility (VNMask nVisibility)
 Define a bitmask of Visibility. More...
void SetPriority (Priority nPriority)
 Reserved for future use, not implemented at this stage. More...
void ToStringList ()
bool FromStringList ()
int GetId () const
void * GetParent () const
bool GetFullScreen () const
QString GetDescription () const
DMAP GetMetaData () const
std::chrono::seconds GetDuration () const
QString GetStyle () const
VNMask GetVisibility () const
Priority GetPriority () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythEvent
 MythEvent (int type)
 MythEvent (int type, QString lmessage)
 MythEvent (int type, QString lmessage, QStringList lextradata)
 MythEvent (QString lmessage)
 MythEvent (QString lmessage, QStringList lextradata)
 MythEvent (QString lmessage, const QString &lextradata)
 ~MythEvent () override
const QString & Message () const
const QString & ExtraData (int idx=0) const
const QStringList & ExtraDataList () const
int ExtraDataCount () const
void log (const QString &prefix)
MythEventclone () const override
 MythEvent (MythEvent &&)=delete
MythEventoperator= (MythEvent &&)=delete

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MythNotification
enum  Priority {
  kDefault = 0, kLow, kMedium, kHigh,
  kHigher, kHighest
enum  Visibility {
  kNone = 0, kAll = ~0, kPlayback = (1 << 0), kSettings = (1 << 1),
  kWizard = (1 << 2), kVideos = (1 << 3), kMusic = (1 << 4), kRecordings = (1 << 5)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MythNotification
static Type TypeFromString (const QString &Type)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MythNotification
static Type New = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
static Type Update = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
static Type Info = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
static Type Error = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
static Type Warning = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
static Type Check = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
static Type Busy = static_cast<QEvent::Type>(QEvent::registerEventType())
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MythEvent
static Type MythEventMessage
static Type MythUserMessage
static Type kUpdateTvProgressEventType
static Type kExitToMainMenuEventType
static Type kMythPostShowEventType
static Type kPushDisableDrawingEventType
static Type kPopDisableDrawingEventType
static Type kLockInputDevicesEventType
static Type kUnlockInputDevicesEventType
static Type kUpdateBrowseInfoEventType
static Type kDisableUDPListenerEventType
static Type kEnableUDPListenerEventType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythNotification
 MythNotification (const MythNotification &Notification)
MythNotificationoperator= (const MythNotification &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythEvent
 MythEvent (const MythEvent &other)=default
MythEventoperator= (const MythEvent &other)=default
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythNotification
int m_id { -1 }
void * m_parent { nullptr }
bool m_fullScreen { false }
QString m_description
std::chrono::seconds m_duration { 0s }
DMAP m_metadata
QString m_style
VNMask m_visibility { static_cast<VNMask>(kAll) }
Priority m_priority { kDefault }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythEvent
QString m_message
QStringList m_extradata

Detailed Description

Definition at line 198 of file mythnotification.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MythErrorNotification()

MythErrorNotification::MythErrorNotification ( const QString &  Title,
const QString &  Author,
const QString &  Details = QString() 

Definition at line 341 of file mythnotification.cpp.

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