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MythHTTPConfig Class Reference

#include <mythhttptypes.h>

Public Attributes

quint16 m_port { 0 }
quint16 m_sslPort { 0 }
QString m_rootDir
QString m_serverName
std::chrono::milliseconds m_timeout { HTTP_SOCKET_TIMEOUT_MS }
QString m_language
QStringList m_hosts
QStringList m_allowedOrigins
QStringList m_filePaths
HTTPHandlers m_handlers
HTTPServices m_services
HTTPHandler m_errorPageHandler
QSslConfiguration m_sslConfig

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file mythhttptypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_port

quint16 MythHTTPConfig::m_port { 0 }

◆ m_sslPort

quint16 MythHTTPConfig::m_sslPort { 0 }

◆ m_rootDir

QString MythHTTPConfig::m_rootDir

Definition at line 65 of file mythhttptypes.h.

Referenced by MythHTTPServer::MythHTTPServer().

◆ m_serverName

QString MythHTTPConfig::m_serverName

Definition at line 66 of file mythhttptypes.h.

Referenced by MythHTTPServer::Init(), and MythHTTPSocket::Timeout().

◆ m_timeout

std::chrono::milliseconds MythHTTPConfig::m_timeout { HTTP_SOCKET_TIMEOUT_MS }

◆ m_language

QString MythHTTPConfig::m_language

Definition at line 68 of file mythhttptypes.h.

Referenced by MythHTTPResponse::Finalise(), and MythHTTPServer::Init().

◆ m_hosts

QStringList MythHTTPConfig::m_hosts

◆ m_allowedOrigins

QStringList MythHTTPConfig::m_allowedOrigins

◆ m_filePaths

QStringList MythHTTPConfig::m_filePaths

◆ m_handlers

HTTPHandlers MythHTTPConfig::m_handlers

◆ m_services

HTTPServices MythHTTPConfig::m_services

◆ m_errorPageHandler

HTTPHandler MythHTTPConfig::m_errorPageHandler

Definition at line 74 of file mythhttptypes.h.

Referenced by MythHTTPServer::NewErrorPageHandler(), and MythHTTPSocket::Read().

◆ m_sslConfig

QSslConfiguration MythHTTPConfig::m_sslConfig

Definition at line 76 of file mythhttptypes.h.

Referenced by MythHTTPServer::Init(), and MythHTTPSocket::MythHTTPSocket().

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