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MythVideoOutputVulkan Class Reference

#include <mythvideooutputvulkan.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MythVideoOutputVulkan (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, MythRenderVulkan *Render, MythPainterVulkan *Painter, MythDisplay *Display, const MythVideoProfilePtr &VideoProfile, QString &Profile)
 ~MythVideoOutputVulkan () override=default
bool Init (QSize VideoDim, QSize VideoDispDim, float Aspect, QRect DisplayVisibleRect, MythCodecID CodecId) override
void PrepareFrame (MythVideoFrame *Frame, FrameScanType Scan) override
void RenderFrame (MythVideoFrame *Frame, FrameScanType Scan) override
void RenderEnd () override
void EndFrame () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythVideoOutputGPU
 ~MythVideoOutputGPU () override
void InitPictureAttributes () override
void SetVideoFrameRate (float NewRate) override
void DiscardFrames (bool KeyFrame, bool Flushed) override
 Discard video frames. More...
void DoneDisplayingFrame (MythVideoFrame *Frame) override
 Release a video frame back into the decoder pool. More...
void UpdatePauseFrame (std::chrono::milliseconds &DisplayTimecode, FrameScanType Scan=kScan_Progressive) override
bool InputChanged (QSize VideoDim, QSize VideoDispDim, float VideoAspect, MythCodecID CodecId, bool &AspectOnly, int ReferenceFrames, bool ForceChange) override
 Tells video output to discard decoded frames and wait for new ones. More...
void ClearAfterSeek () override
 Tells video output to toss decoded buffers due to a seek. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythVideoOutput
 ~MythVideoOutput () override=default
virtual void SetDeinterlacing (bool Enable, bool DoubleRate, MythDeintType Force=DEINT_NONE)
virtual void GetOSDBounds (QRect &Total, QRect &Visible, float &VisibleAspect, float &FontScaling, float ThemeAspect) const
virtual void SetFramesPlayed (long long FramesPlayed)
virtual long long GetFramesPlayed ()
bool IsErrored () const
VideoErrorState GetError () const
void SetPrebuffering (bool Normal)
 Sets whether to use a normal number of buffers or fewer buffers. More...
virtual int ValidVideoFrames () const
 Returns number of frames that are fully decoded. More...
int FreeVideoFrames ()
 Returns number of frames available for decoding onto. More...
bool EnoughFreeFrames ()
 Returns true iff enough frames are available to decode onto. More...
bool EnoughDecodedFrames ()
 Returns true iff there are plenty of decoded frames ready for display. More...
virtual MythVideoFrameGetNextFreeFrame ()
 Blocks until it is possible to return a frame for decoding onto. More...
virtual void ReleaseFrame (MythVideoFrame *Frame)
 Releases a frame from the ready for decoding queue onto the queue of frames ready for display. More...
virtual void DeLimboFrame (MythVideoFrame *Frame)
 Releases a frame for reuse if it is in limbo. More...
virtual void StartDisplayingFrame ()
 Tell GetLastShownFrame() to return the next frame from the head of the queue of frames to display. More...
virtual void DiscardFrame (MythVideoFrame *Frame)
 Releases frame from any queue onto the queue of frames ready for decoding onto. More...
virtual void CheckFrameStates ()
virtual MythVideoFrameGetLastDecodedFrame ()
virtual MythVideoFrameGetLastShownFrame ()
 Returns frame from the head of the ready to be displayed queue, if StartDisplayingFrame has been called. More...
QString GetFrameStatus () const
 Returns string with status of each frame for debugging. More...
QRect GetImageRect (QRect Rect, QRect *DisplayRect=nullptr)
 translates caption/dvd button rectangle into 'screen' space More...
QRect GetSafeRect ()
 Returns a QRect describing an area of the screen on which it is 'safe' to render the On Screen Display. More...
PictureAttributeSupported GetSupportedPictureAttributes ()
bool HasSoftwareFrames () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythVideoBounds
 MythVideoBounds ()
 ~MythVideoBounds () override=default
bool InitBounds (QSize VideoDim, QSize VideoDispDim, float Aspect, QRect WindowRect)
void SetDisplay (MythDisplay *mDisplay)
bool IsEmbedding (void) const
bool IsEmbeddingAndHidden () const
QSize GetVideoDim (void) const
QSize GetVideoDispDim (void) const
float GetOverridenVideoAspect (void) const
QRect GetDisplayVisibleRect (void) const
QRect GetWindowRect (void) const
QRect GetRawWindowRect (void) const
QRect GetVideoRect (void) const
QRect GetDisplayVideoRect (void) const
QRect GetEmbeddingRect (void) const
bool UsingGuiSize (void) const
AdjustFillMode GetAdjustFill (void) const
float GetVideoAspect (void) const
float GetDisplayAspect (void) const
StereoscopicMode GetStereoOverride () const
bool VideoIsFullScreen (void) const
 Check whether the video display rect covers the entire window/framebuffer. More...
QRegion GetBoundingRegion (void) const
 Return the region of DisplayVisibleRect that lies outside of DisplayVideoRect. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythVulkanObject
 MythVulkanObject (MythRenderVulkan *Render)
 MythVulkanObject (MythVulkanObject *Other)
bool IsValidVulkan () const
MythRenderVulkanRender ()
VkDevice Device ()
QVulkanDeviceFunctions * Funcs ()
MythWindowVulkanWindow ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void GetRenderOptions (RenderOptions &Options)
static QStringList GetAllowedRenderers (MythCodecID CodecId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MythVideoOutputGPU
static void GetRenderOptions (RenderOptions &Options, MythRender *Render)
static MythVideoOutputGPUCreate (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, MythRender *Render, MythPainter *Painter, MythDisplay *Display, const QString &Decoder, MythCodecID CodecID, QSize VideoDim, QSize VideoDispDim, float VideoAspect, float FrameRate, uint PlayerFlags, const QString &Codec, int ReferenceFrames, const VideoFrameTypes *&RenderFormats)
static VideoFrameType FrameTypeForCodec (MythCodecID CodecId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MythVideoOutput
static void GetRenderOptions (RenderOptions &Options, MythRender *Render)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MythVulkanObject
static MythVulkanObjectCreate (MythRenderVulkan *Render)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from MythVideoOutputGPU
void WindowResized (QSize Size)
void ResizeForVideo (QSize Size=QSize())
- Public Slots inherited from MythVideoBounds
void RefreshVideoBoundsState ()
 Send out latest state to listeners. More...
void ScreenChanged (QScreen *screen)
void PhysicalDPIChanged (qreal)
void SourceChanged (QSize VideoDim, QSize VideoDispDim, float Aspect)
 Update for new source video dimensions and aspect ratio. More...
void VideoAspectRatioChanged (float Aspect)
 Calls SetVideoAspectRatio(float aspect), then calls MoveResize() to apply changes. More...
virtual void EmbedPlayback (bool Embed, QRect Rect)
void ToggleAdjustFill (AdjustFillMode AdjustFillMode=kAdjustFill_Toggle)
 Sets up letterboxing for various standard video frame and monitor dimensions, then calls MoveResize() to apply them. More...
void ToggleAspectOverride (AspectOverrideMode AspectMode=kAspect_Toggle)
 Enforce different aspect ratio than detected, then calls VideoAspectRatioChanged(float) to apply them. More...
void ResizeDisplayWindow (QRect Rect, bool SaveVisibleRect)
 Resize Display Window. More...
void MoveResize (void)
 performs all the calculations for video framing and any resizing. More...
void Zoom (ZoomDirection Direction)
 Sets up zooming into to different parts of the video. More...
void ToggleMoveBottomLine (void)
void SaveBottomLine (void)
void SetVideoScalingAllowed (bool Change)
 Disable or enable underscan/overscan. More...
void SetDisplayAspect (float DisplayAspect)
void SetWindowSize (QSize Size)
void SetITVResize (QRect Rect)
void SetRotation (int Rotation)
 Set the rotation in degrees. More...
void SetStereoOverride (StereoscopicMode Mode)
- Signals inherited from MythVideoOutputGPU
void ChangePictureAttribute (PictureAttribute Attribute, bool Direction, int Value)
void PictureAttributeChanged (PictureAttribute Attribute, int Value)
void SupportedAttributesChanged (PictureAttributeSupported Supported)
void PictureAttributesUpdated (const std::map< PictureAttribute, int > &Values)
void RefreshState ()
void DoRefreshState ()
- Signals inherited from MythVideoBounds
void UpdateOSDMessage (const QString &Message)
void VideoSizeChanged (const QSize &VideoDim, const QSize &VideoDispDim)
void VideoRectsChanged (const QRect &DisplayVideoRect, const QRect &VideoRect)
void VisibleRectChanged (const QRect &DisplayVisibleRect)
void WindowRectChanged (const QRect &WindowRect)
void VideoBoundsStateChanged (MythVideoBoundsState VideoState)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythVideoOutputGPU
 MythVideoOutputGPU (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, MythRender *Render, MythPainterGPU *Painter, MythDisplay *Display, MythVideoProfilePtr VideoProfile, QString &Profile)
virtual QRect GetDisplayVisibleRectAdj ()
bool CreateBuffers (MythCodecID CodecID, QSize Size)
void DestroyBuffers ()
bool ProcessInputChange ()
void InitDisplayMeasurements ()
 Initialise display measurement. More...
void SetReferenceFrames (int ReferenceFrames)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythVideoOutput
 MythVideoOutput ()
QRect GetVisibleOSDBounds (float &VisibleAspect, float &FontScaling, float ThemeAspect) const
 Returns visible portions of total OSD bounds. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythVulkanObject
void CheckValid ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythVideoOutputGPU
MythMainWindowm_mainWindow { nullptr }
MythRenderm_render { nullptr }
MythVideoGPUm_video { nullptr }
MythPainterGPUm_painter { nullptr }
MythCodecID m_newCodecId { kCodec_NONE }
QSize m_newVideoDim { 0, 0 }
QSize m_newVideoDispDim { 0, 0 }
float m_newAspect { 0.0F }
bool m_newFrameRate { false }
bool m_buffersCreated { false }
QString m_profile
bool m_needFullClear { false }
HDRTracker m_hdrTracker { nullptr }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythVideoOutput
MythVideoColourSpace m_videoColourSpace
LetterBoxColour m_dbLetterboxColour { kLetterBoxColour_Black }
uint8_t m_clearColor { 0 }
uint8_t m_clearAlpha { 255 }
MythCodecID m_videoCodecID { kCodec_NONE }
int m_maxReferenceFrames { 16 }
MythVideoProfilePtr m_videoProfile { nullptr }
VideoBuffers m_videoBuffers
VideoErrorState m_errorState { kError_None }
long long m_framesPlayed { 0 }
MythAVCopy m_copyFrame
MythDeinterlacer m_deinterlacer
const VideoFrameTypesm_renderFormats { &MythVideoFrame::kDefaultRenderFormats }
bool m_deinterlacing { false }
bool m_deinterlacing2X { false }
MythDeintType m_forcedDeinterlacer { DEINT_NONE }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythVideoBounds
MythDisplaym_display {nullptr}
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythVulkanObject
bool m_vulkanValid { true }
MythRenderVulkanm_vulkanRender { nullptr }
VkDevice m_vulkanDevice { nullptr }
QVulkanDeviceFunctions * m_vulkanFuncs { nullptr }
MythWindowVulkanm_vulkanWindow { nullptr }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MythVideoOutputVulkan()

MythVideoOutputVulkan::MythVideoOutputVulkan ( MythMainWindow MainWindow,
MythRenderVulkan Render,
MythPainterVulkan Painter,
MythDisplay Display,
const MythVideoProfilePtr VideoProfile,
QString &  Profile 

Definition at line 45 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

◆ ~MythVideoOutputVulkan()

MythVideoOutputVulkan::~MythVideoOutputVulkan ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetRenderOptions()

void MythVideoOutputVulkan::GetRenderOptions ( RenderOptions Options)

Definition at line 14 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

Referenced by MythVideoOutputGPU::GetRenderOptions().

◆ GetAllowedRenderers()

QStringList MythVideoOutputVulkan::GetAllowedRenderers ( MythCodecID  CodecId)

Definition at line 29 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

Referenced by MythVideoOutputGPU::Create().

◆ Init()

bool MythVideoOutputVulkan::Init ( QSize  VideoDim,
QSize  VideoDispDim,
float  Aspect,
QRect  DisplayVisibleRect,
MythCodecID  CodecId 

Reimplemented from MythVideoOutputGPU.

Definition at line 76 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

◆ PrepareFrame()

void MythVideoOutputVulkan::PrepareFrame ( MythVideoFrame Frame,
FrameScanType  Scan 

Reimplemented from MythVideoOutputGPU.

Definition at line 94 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

◆ RenderFrame()

void MythVideoOutputVulkan::RenderFrame ( MythVideoFrame Frame,
FrameScanType  Scan 

Reimplemented from MythVideoOutputGPU.

Definition at line 99 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

◆ RenderEnd()

void MythVideoOutputVulkan::RenderEnd ( )

Implements MythVideoOutput.

Definition at line 121 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

◆ EndFrame()

void MythVideoOutputVulkan::EndFrame ( )

Reimplemented from MythVideoOutputGPU.

Definition at line 130 of file mythvideooutputvulkan.cpp.

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