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SubtitleReader Class Reference

#include <subtitlereader.h>

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void TextSubtitlesUpdated ()

Public Member Functions

 SubtitleReader (MythPlayer *parent)
 ~SubtitleReader () override
void EnableAVSubtitles (bool enable)
void EnableTextSubtitles (bool enable)
void EnableRawTextSubtitles (bool enable)
AVSubtitlesGetAVSubtitles (void)
bool AddAVSubtitle (AVSubtitle &subtitle, bool fix_position, bool allow_forced, bool isExternal)
void ClearAVSubtitles (void)
TextSubtitleParserGetParser (void)
bool HasTextSubtitles (void)
void LoadExternalSubtitles (const QString &subtitleFileName, bool isInProgress)
int ReadNextSubtitle (void)
void SeekFrame (int64_t ts, int flags)
QStringList GetRawTextSubtitles (std::chrono::milliseconds &duration)
void AddRawTextSubtitle (const QStringList &list, std::chrono::milliseconds duration)
void ClearRawTextSubtitles (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static void FreeAVSubtitle (AVSubtitle &sub)

Private Attributes

MythPlayerm_parent {nullptr}
AVSubtitles m_avSubtitles
bool m_avSubtitlesEnabled {false}
TextSubtitles m_textSubtitles
bool m_textSubtitlesEnabled {false}
RawTextSubs m_rawTextSubtitles
bool m_rawTextSubtitlesEnabled {false}
TextSubtitleParserm_externalParser {nullptr}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file subtitlereader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SubtitleReader()

SubtitleReader::SubtitleReader ( MythPlayer parent)

Definition at line 20 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

◆ ~SubtitleReader()

SubtitleReader::~SubtitleReader ( )

Definition at line 27 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ TextSubtitlesUpdated

void SubtitleReader::TextSubtitlesUpdated ( )

◆ EnableAVSubtitles()

void SubtitleReader::EnableAVSubtitles ( bool  enable)

◆ EnableTextSubtitles()

void SubtitleReader::EnableTextSubtitles ( bool  enable)

◆ EnableRawTextSubtitles()

void SubtitleReader::EnableRawTextSubtitles ( bool  enable)

◆ GetAVSubtitles()

AVSubtitles* SubtitleReader::GetAVSubtitles ( void  )

◆ AddAVSubtitle()

bool SubtitleReader::AddAVSubtitle ( AVSubtitle &  subtitle,
bool  fix_position,
bool  allow_forced,
bool  isExternal 

◆ ClearAVSubtitles()

void SubtitleReader::ClearAVSubtitles ( void  )

◆ FreeAVSubtitle()

void SubtitleReader::FreeAVSubtitle ( AVSubtitle &  sub)

◆ GetParser()

TextSubtitleParser* SubtitleReader::GetParser ( void  )

◆ HasTextSubtitles()

bool SubtitleReader::HasTextSubtitles ( void  )

◆ LoadExternalSubtitles()

void SubtitleReader::LoadExternalSubtitles ( const QString &  subtitleFileName,
bool  isInProgress 

Definition at line 151 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

Referenced by MythPlayerCaptionsUI::LoadExternalSubtitles().

◆ ReadNextSubtitle()

int SubtitleReader::ReadNextSubtitle ( void  )

Definition at line 162 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

Referenced by SubtitleScreen::DisplayAVSubtitles().

◆ SeekFrame()

void SubtitleReader::SeekFrame ( int64_t  ts,
int  flags 

Definition at line 48 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

Referenced by SubtitleScreen::DisplayAVSubtitles().

◆ GetRawTextSubtitles()

QStringList SubtitleReader::GetRawTextSubtitles ( std::chrono::milliseconds &  duration)

Definition at line 175 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

Referenced by SubtitleScreen::DisplayRawTextSubtitles().

◆ AddRawTextSubtitle()

void SubtitleReader::AddRawTextSubtitle ( const QStringList &  list,
std::chrono::milliseconds  duration 

Definition at line 187 of file subtitlereader.cpp.

Referenced by AvFormatDecoder::ProcessRawTextPacket().

◆ ClearRawTextSubtitles()

void SubtitleReader::ClearRawTextSubtitles ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_parent

MythPlayer* SubtitleReader::m_parent {nullptr}

Definition at line 74 of file subtitlereader.h.

◆ m_avSubtitles

AVSubtitles SubtitleReader::m_avSubtitles

◆ m_avSubtitlesEnabled

bool SubtitleReader::m_avSubtitlesEnabled {false}

Definition at line 77 of file subtitlereader.h.

Referenced by AddAVSubtitle(), and EnableAVSubtitles().

◆ m_textSubtitles

TextSubtitles SubtitleReader::m_textSubtitles

Definition at line 78 of file subtitlereader.h.

Referenced by HasTextSubtitles(), LoadExternalSubtitles(), and SubtitleReader().

◆ m_textSubtitlesEnabled

bool SubtitleReader::m_textSubtitlesEnabled {false}

Definition at line 79 of file subtitlereader.h.

Referenced by AddAVSubtitle(), and EnableTextSubtitles().

◆ m_rawTextSubtitles

RawTextSubs SubtitleReader::m_rawTextSubtitles

Definition at line 80 of file subtitlereader.h.

Referenced by AddRawTextSubtitle(), ClearRawTextSubtitles(), and GetRawTextSubtitles().

◆ m_rawTextSubtitlesEnabled

bool SubtitleReader::m_rawTextSubtitlesEnabled {false}

Definition at line 81 of file subtitlereader.h.

Referenced by AddRawTextSubtitle(), and EnableRawTextSubtitles().

◆ m_externalParser

TextSubtitleParser* SubtitleReader::m_externalParser {nullptr}

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