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TSStreamData Class Reference

Specialized version of MPEGStreamData which is used to 'blindly' record the entire MPTS transport from an input. More...

#include <tsstreamdata.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TSStreamData (int cardnum)
 ~TSStreamData () override
bool ProcessTSPacket (const TSPacket &tspacket) override
 Write out all packets without any filtering. More...
void Reset (int) override
bool HandleTables (uint, const PSIPTable &) override
 Process PSIP packets. More...
virtual void Reset (void)
virtual void Reset (int desiredProgram)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MPEGStreamData
 MPEGStreamData (int desiredProgram, int cardnum, bool cacheTables)
 Initializes MPEGStreamData. More...
 ~MPEGStreamData () override
void SetCaching (bool cacheTables)
void SetListeningDisabled (bool lt)
virtual void Reset (void)
double TimeOffset (void) const
 Current Offset from computer time to DVB time in seconds. More...
void SetEITHelper (EITHelper *eit_helper) override
void SetEITRate (float rate) override
virtual bool HasEITPIDChanges (const uint_vec_t &) const
virtual bool GetEITPIDChanges (const uint_vec_t &, uint_vec_t &, uint_vec_t &) const
void SetIgnoreCRC (bool haveCRCbug)
virtual bool IsRedundant (uint pid, const PSIPTable &psip) const
 Returns true if table already seen. More...
virtual void HandleTSTables (const TSPacket *tspacket)
 Assembles PSIP packets and processes them. More...
virtual int ProcessData (const unsigned char *buffer, int len)
void HandleAdaptationFieldControl (const TSPacket *tspacket)
virtual void AddListeningPID (uint pid, PIDPriority priority=kPIDPriorityNormal)
virtual void AddNotListeningPID (uint pid)
virtual void AddWritingPID (uint pid, PIDPriority priority=kPIDPriorityHigh)
virtual void AddAudioPID (uint pid, PIDPriority priority=kPIDPriorityHigh)
virtual void AddConditionalAccessPID (uint pid, PIDPriority priority=kPIDPriorityNormal)
virtual void RemoveListeningPID (uint pid)
virtual void RemoveNotListeningPID (uint pid)
virtual void RemoveWritingPID (uint pid)
virtual void RemoveAudioPID (uint pid)
virtual bool IsListeningPID (uint pid) const
virtual bool IsNotListeningPID (uint pid) const
virtual bool IsWritingPID (uint pid) const
bool IsVideoPID (uint pid) const
virtual bool IsAudioPID (uint pid) const
virtual bool IsConditionalAccessPID (uint pid) const
const pid_map_tListeningPIDs (void) const
const pid_map_tAudioPIDs (void) const
const pid_map_tWritingPIDs (void) const
uint GetPIDs (pid_map_t &pids) const
PIDPriority GetPIDPriority (uint pid) const
void SetVersionPAT (uint tsid, int version, uint last_section)
void SetVersionPMT (uint pnum, int version, uint last_section)
bool HasAllPATSections (uint tsid) const
bool HasAllCATSections (uint tsid) const
bool HasAllPMTSections (uint prog_num) const
bool HasProgram (uint progNum) const
bool HasCachedAllPAT (uint tsid) const
bool HasCachedAnyPAT (uint tsid) const
bool HasCachedAnyPAT (void) const
bool HasCachedAllCAT (uint tsid) const
bool HasCachedAnyCAT (uint tsid) const
bool HasCachedAnyCAT (void) const
bool HasCachedAllPMT (uint pnum) const
bool HasCachedAnyPMT (uint pnum) const
bool HasCachedAllPMTs (void) const
bool HasCachedAnyPMTs (void) const
pat_const_ptr_t GetCachedPAT (uint tsid, uint section_num) const
pat_vec_t GetCachedPATs (uint tsid) const
pat_vec_t GetCachedPATs (void) const
pat_map_t GetCachedPATMap (void) const
cat_const_ptr_t GetCachedCAT (uint tsid, uint section_num) const
cat_vec_t GetCachedCATs (uint tsid) const
cat_vec_t GetCachedCATs (void) const
cat_map_t GetCachedCATMap (void) const
pmt_const_ptr_t GetCachedPMT (uint program_num, uint section_num) const
pmt_vec_t GetCachedPMTs (void) const
pmt_map_t GetCachedPMTMap (void) const
virtual void ReturnCachedTable (const PSIPTable *psip) const
virtual void ReturnCachedPATTables (pat_vec_t &pats) const
virtual void ReturnCachedPATTables (pat_map_t &pats) const
virtual void ReturnCachedCATTables (cat_vec_t &cats) const
virtual void ReturnCachedCATTables (cat_map_t &cats) const
virtual void ReturnCachedPMTTables (pmt_vec_t &pmts) const
virtual void ReturnCachedPMTTables (pmt_map_t &pmts) const
void AddEncryptionTestPID (uint pnum, uint pid, bool isvideo)
void RemoveEncryptionTestPIDs (uint pnum)
bool IsEncryptionTestPID (uint pid) const
void TestDecryption (const ProgramMapTable *pmt)
void ResetDecryptionMonitoringState (void)
bool IsProgramDecrypted (uint pnum) const
bool IsProgramEncrypted (uint pnum) const
void AddMPEGListener (MPEGStreamListener *val)
void RemoveMPEGListener (MPEGStreamListener *val)
void AddWritingListener (TSPacketListener *val)
void RemoveWritingListener (TSPacketListener *val)
void AddMPEGSPListener (MPEGSingleProgramStreamListener *val)
void RemoveMPEGSPListener (MPEGSingleProgramStreamListener *val)
void AddAVListener (TSPacketListenerAV *val)
void RemoveAVListener (TSPacketListenerAV *val)
void AddPSStreamListener (PSStreamListener *val)
void RemovePSStreamListener (PSStreamListener *val)
void SetDesiredProgram (int p)
void SetPATSingleProgram (ProgramAssociationTable *pat)
void SetPMTSingleProgram (ProgramMapTable *pmt)
void SetVideoStreamsRequired (uint num)
uint GetVideoStreamsRequired () const
void SetAudioStreamsRequired (uint num)
uint GetAudioStreamsRequired () const
void SetRecordingType (const QString &recording_type)
int DesiredProgram (void) const
uint VideoPIDSingleProgram (void) const
QString GetRecordingType (void) const
const ProgramAssociationTablePATSingleProgram (void) const
const ProgramMapTablePMTSingleProgram (void) const
ProgramAssociationTablePATSingleProgram (void)
ProgramMapTablePMTSingleProgram (void)
int VersionPATSingleProgram (void) const
int VersionPMTSingleProgram (void) const
bool CreatePATSingleProgram (const ProgramAssociationTable &pat)
bool CreatePMTSingleProgram (const ProgramMapTable &pmt)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MPEGStreamData
PSIPTableAssemblePSIP (const TSPacket *tspacket, bool &moreTablePackets)
 PSIP packet assembler. More...
bool AssemblePSIP (PSIPTable &psip, TSPacket *tspacket)
void SavePartialPSIP (uint pid, PSIPTable *packet)
PSIPTableGetPartialPSIP (uint pid)
void ClearPartialPSIP (uint pid)
void DeletePartialPSIP (uint pid)
void ProcessPAT (const ProgramAssociationTable *pat)
void ProcessCAT (const ConditionalAccessTable *cat)
void ProcessPMT (const ProgramMapTable *pmt)
void ProcessEncryptedPacket (const TSPacket &tspacket)
 counts en/decrypted packets to decide if a stream is en/decrypted More...
void UpdateTimeOffset (uint64_t si_utc_time)
void IncrementRefCnt (const PSIPTable *psip) const
virtual bool DeleteCachedTable (const PSIPTable *psip) const
void CachePAT (const ProgramAssociationTable *pat)
void CacheCAT (const ConditionalAccessTable *_cat)
void CachePMT (const ProgramMapTable *pmt)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EITSource
virtual ~EITSource ()=default
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MPEGStreamData
static int ResyncStream (const unsigned char *buffer, int curr_pos, int len)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MPEGStreamData
int m_cardId
QString m_siStandard {"mpeg"}
bool m_haveCrcBug {false}
QMutex m_siTimeLock
uint m_siTimeOffsetCnt {0}
uint m_siTimeOffsetIndx {0}
std::array< double, 16 > m_siTimeOffsets {0.0}
EITHelperm_eitHelper {nullptr}
float m_eitRate {1.0F}
pid_map_t m_pidsListening
pid_map_t m_pidsNotListening
pid_map_t m_pidsWriting
pid_map_t m_pidsAudio
pid_map_t m_pidsConditionalAccess
bool m_listeningDisabled {false}
QRecursiveMutex m_encryptionLock
QMap< uint, CryptInfom_encryptionPidToInfo
QMap< uint, uint_vec_tm_encryptionPnumToPids
QMap< uint, uint_vec_tm_encryptionPidToPnums
QMap< uint, CryptStatusm_encryptionPnumToStatus
QRecursiveMutex m_listenerLock
mpeg_listener_vec_t m_mpegListeners
mpeg_sp_listener_vec_t m_mpegSpListeners
ts_listener_vec_t m_tsWritingListeners
ts_av_listener_vec_t m_tsAvListeners
ps_listener_vec_t m_psListeners
TableStatusMap m_patStatus
TableStatusMap m_catStatus
TableStatusMap m_pmtStatus
pid_psip_map_t m_partialPsipPacketCache
bool m_cacheTables
QRecursiveMutex m_cacheLock
pat_cache_t m_cachedPats
cat_cache_t m_cachedCats
pmt_cache_t m_cachedPmts
psip_refcnt_map_t m_cachedRefCnt
psip_refcnt_map_t m_cachedSlatedForDeletion
int m_desiredProgram
QString m_recordingType {"all"}
bool m_stripPmtDescriptors {false}
bool m_normalizeStreamType {true}
uint m_pidVideoSingleProgram {0xffffffff}
uint m_pidPmtSingleProgram {0xffffffff}
uint m_pmtSingleProgramNumVideo {1}
uint m_pmtSingleProgramNumAudio {0}
ProgramAssociationTablem_patSingleProgram {nullptr}
ProgramMapTablem_pmtSingleProgram {nullptr}

Detailed Description

Specialized version of MPEGStreamData which is used to 'blindly' record the entire MPTS transport from an input.

Definition at line 11 of file tsstreamdata.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TSStreamData()

TSStreamData::TSStreamData ( int  cardnum)

Definition at line 14 of file tsstreamdata.cpp.

◆ ~TSStreamData()

TSStreamData::~TSStreamData ( )

Definition at line 15 of file tsstreamdata.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ProcessTSPacket()

bool TSStreamData::ProcessTSPacket ( const TSPacket tspacket)

Write out all packets without any filtering.

Reimplemented from MPEGStreamData.

Definition at line 21 of file tsstreamdata.cpp.

◆ Reset() [1/3]

void TSStreamData::Reset ( int  )

Reimplemented from MPEGStreamData.

Definition at line 20 of file tsstreamdata.h.

◆ HandleTables()

bool TSStreamData::HandleTables ( uint  pid,
const PSIPTable psip 

Process PSIP packets.

Reimplemented from MPEGStreamData.

Definition at line 21 of file tsstreamdata.h.

◆ Reset() [2/3]

virtual void MPEGStreamData::Reset

Definition at line 94 of file mpegstreamdata.h.

◆ Reset() [3/3]

void MPEGStreamData::Reset

Definition at line 120 of file mpegstreamdata.cpp.

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