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VideoDialogPrivate Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 VideoDialogPrivate (const VideoListPtr &videoList, VideoDialog::DialogType type, VideoDialog::BrowseType browse)
 ~VideoDialogPrivate ()
void AutomaticParentalAdjustment (VideoMetadata *metadata)

Static Public Member Functions

static void DelayVideoListDestruction (const VideoListPtr &videoList)

Public Attributes

ParentalLevelNotifyContainer m_parentalLevel
bool m_switchingLayout {false}
bool m_firstLoadPass {true}
bool m_rememberPosition {false}
VideoListPtr m_videoList {nullptr}
MythGenericTreem_rootNode {nullptr}
MythGenericTreem_currentNode {nullptr}
bool m_treeLoaded {false}
bool m_isFileBrowser {false}
int m_groupType {0}
bool m_isFlatList {false}
bool m_altPlayerEnabled {false}
VideoDialog::DialogType m_type
VideoDialog::BrowseType m_browse
bool m_autoMeta {true}
QString m_artDir
QString m_sshotDir
QString m_fanDir
QString m_banDir
VideoScannerm_scanner {nullptr}
QString m_lastTreeNodePath
QMap< QString, int > m_notifications

Static Public Attributes

static VideoDialog::VideoListDeathDelayPtr m_savedPtr

Private Types

using parental_level_map = std::list< std::pair< QString, ParentalLevel::Level > >
using VideoListPtr = VideoDialog::VideoListPtr

Static Private Member Functions

static bool rating_to_pl_greater (const parental_level_map::value_type &lhs, const parental_level_map::value_type &rhs)

Private Attributes

parental_level_map m_ratingToPl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 672 of file videodlg.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ parental_level_map

using VideoDialogPrivate::parental_level_map = std::list<std::pair<QString, ParentalLevel::Level> >

Definition at line 675 of file videodlg.cpp.

◆ VideoListPtr

Definition at line 683 of file videodlg.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VideoDialogPrivate()

VideoDialogPrivate::VideoDialogPrivate ( const VideoListPtr videoList,
VideoDialog::DialogType  type,
VideoDialog::BrowseType  browse 

Definition at line 686 of file videodlg.cpp.

◆ ~VideoDialogPrivate()

VideoDialogPrivate::~VideoDialogPrivate ( )

Definition at line 730 of file videodlg.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ rating_to_pl_greater()

static bool VideoDialogPrivate::rating_to_pl_greater ( const parental_level_map::value_type &  lhs,
const parental_level_map::value_type &  rhs 

Definition at line 677 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ AutomaticParentalAdjustment()

void VideoDialogPrivate::AutomaticParentalAdjustment ( VideoMetadata metadata)

Definition at line 741 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::OnVideoSearchDone().

◆ DelayVideoListDestruction()

static void VideoDialogPrivate::DelayVideoListDestruction ( const VideoListPtr videoList)

Definition at line 758 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::~VideoDialog().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_parentalLevel

ParentalLevelNotifyContainer VideoDialogPrivate::m_parentalLevel

◆ m_switchingLayout

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_switchingLayout {false}

Definition at line 765 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::SwitchLayout(), and VideoDialog::~VideoDialog().

◆ m_savedPtr

VideoDialog::VideoListDeathDelayPtr VideoDialogPrivate::m_savedPtr

Definition at line 767 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by DelayVideoListDestruction(), and VideoDialog::GetSavedVideoList().

◆ m_firstLoadPass

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_firstLoadPass {true}

Definition at line 769 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::loadData().

◆ m_rememberPosition

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_rememberPosition {false}

Definition at line 771 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::loadData(), VideoDialogPrivate(), and ~VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_videoList

VideoListPtr VideoDialogPrivate::m_videoList {nullptr}

◆ m_rootNode

MythGenericTree* VideoDialogPrivate::m_rootNode {nullptr}

◆ m_currentNode

MythGenericTree* VideoDialogPrivate::m_currentNode {nullptr}

◆ m_treeLoaded

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_treeLoaded {false}

◆ m_isFileBrowser

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_isFileBrowser {false}

◆ m_groupType

int VideoDialogPrivate::m_groupType {0}

◆ m_isFlatList

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_isFlatList {false}

◆ m_altPlayerEnabled

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_altPlayerEnabled {false}

◆ m_type

VideoDialog::DialogType VideoDialogPrivate::m_type

◆ m_browse

VideoDialog::BrowseType VideoDialogPrivate::m_browse

◆ m_autoMeta

bool VideoDialogPrivate::m_autoMeta {true}

Definition at line 787 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::scanFinished(), and VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_artDir

QString VideoDialogPrivate::m_artDir

Definition at line 789 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::StartVideoImageSet(), and VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_sshotDir

QString VideoDialogPrivate::m_sshotDir

Definition at line 790 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::StartVideoImageSet(), and VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_fanDir

QString VideoDialogPrivate::m_fanDir

Definition at line 791 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::StartVideoImageSet(), and VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_banDir

QString VideoDialogPrivate::m_banDir

Definition at line 792 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::StartVideoImageSet(), and VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_scanner

VideoScanner* VideoDialogPrivate::m_scanner {nullptr}

◆ m_lastTreeNodePath

QString VideoDialogPrivate::m_lastTreeNodePath

Definition at line 795 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by VideoDialog::SavePosition(), and ~VideoDialogPrivate().

◆ m_notifications

QMap<QString, int> VideoDialogPrivate::m_notifications

◆ m_ratingToPl

parental_level_map VideoDialogPrivate::m_ratingToPl

Definition at line 799 of file videodlg.cpp.

Referenced by AutomaticParentalAdjustment(), and VideoDialogPrivate().

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