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XMLParseBase Class Reference

#include <xmlparsebase.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static QString getFirstText (QDomElement &element)
static bool parseBool (const QString &text)
static bool parseBool (QDomElement &element)
static MythPoint parsePoint (const QString &text, bool normalize=true)
static MythPoint parsePoint (QDomElement &element, bool normalize=true)
static QSize parseSize (const QString &text, bool normalize=true)
static QSize parseSize (QDomElement &element, bool normalize=true)
static MythRect parseRect (const QString &text, bool normalize=true)
static MythRect parseRect (QDomElement &element, bool normalize=true)
static int parseAlignment (const QString &text)
static int parseAlignment (QDomElement &element)
static QBrush parseGradient (const QDomElement &element)
static QString parseText (QDomElement &element)
static MythUITypeGetGlobalObjectStore (void)
static void ClearGlobalObjectStore (void)
static void ParseChildren (const QString &filename, QDomElement &element, MythUIType *parent, bool showWarnings)
static MythUITypeParseUIType (const QString &filename, QDomElement &element, const QString &type, MythUIType *parent, MythScreenType *screen, bool showWarnings, QMap< QString, QString > &parentDependsMap)
static bool WindowExists (const QString &xmlfile, const QString &windowname)
static bool LoadWindowFromXML (const QString &xmlfile, const QString &windowname, MythUIType *parent)
static bool LoadBaseTheme (void)
static bool LoadBaseTheme (const QString &baseTheme)
static bool CopyWindowFromBase (const QString &windowname, MythScreenType *win)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool doLoad (const QString &windowname, MythUIType *parent, const QString &filename, bool onlyLoadWindows, bool showWarnings)
static void ConnectDependants (MythUIType *parent, QMap< QString, QString > &dependsMap)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file xmlparsebase.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFirstText()

QString XMLParseBase::getFirstText ( QDomElement &  element)

◆ parseBool() [1/2]

bool XMLParseBase::parseBool ( const QString &  text)

◆ parseBool() [2/2]

bool XMLParseBase::parseBool ( QDomElement &  element)

Definition at line 71 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

◆ parsePoint() [1/2]

MythPoint XMLParseBase::parsePoint ( const QString &  text,
bool  normalize = true 

◆ parsePoint() [2/2]

MythPoint XMLParseBase::parsePoint ( QDomElement &  element,
bool  normalize = true 

Definition at line 93 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

◆ parseSize() [1/2]

QSize XMLParseBase::parseSize ( const QString &  text,
bool  normalize = true 

Definition at line 98 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by parseSize().

◆ parseSize() [2/2]

QSize XMLParseBase::parseSize ( QDomElement &  element,
bool  normalize = true 

Definition at line 132 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

◆ parseRect() [1/2]

MythRect XMLParseBase::parseRect ( const QString &  text,
bool  normalize = true 

◆ parseRect() [2/2]

MythRect XMLParseBase::parseRect ( QDomElement &  element,
bool  normalize = true 

Definition at line 157 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

◆ parseAlignment() [1/2]

int XMLParseBase::parseAlignment ( const QString &  text)

◆ parseAlignment() [2/2]

int XMLParseBase::parseAlignment ( QDomElement &  element)

Definition at line 222 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

◆ parseGradient()

QBrush XMLParseBase::parseGradient ( const QDomElement &  element)

◆ parseText()

QString XMLParseBase::parseText ( QDomElement &  element)

◆ GetGlobalObjectStore()

MythUIType * XMLParseBase::GetGlobalObjectStore ( void  )

◆ ClearGlobalObjectStore()

void XMLParseBase::ClearGlobalObjectStore ( void  )

Definition at line 358 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by MythThemeBase::Reload(), and MythThemeBase::~MythThemeBase().

◆ ParseChildren()

void XMLParseBase::ParseChildren ( const QString &  filename,
QDomElement &  element,
MythUIType parent,
bool  showWarnings 

Definition at line 368 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by doLoad().

◆ ParseUIType()

MythUIType * XMLParseBase::ParseUIType ( const QString &  filename,
QDomElement &  element,
const QString &  type,
MythUIType parent,
MythScreenType screen,
bool  showWarnings,
QMap< QString, QString > &  parentDependsMap 

Definition at line 435 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by doLoad(), ParseChildren(), and MythUIStateType::ParseElement().

◆ WindowExists()

bool XMLParseBase::WindowExists ( const QString &  xmlfile,
const QString &  windowname 

Definition at line 641 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by MythThemedMenu::parseThemeButton().

◆ LoadWindowFromXML()

bool XMLParseBase::LoadWindowFromXML ( const QString &  xmlfile,
const QString &  windowname,
MythUIType parent 

Definition at line 692 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by ProfileDialog::Create(), RecordingSelector::Create(), VideoSelector::Create(), GameUI::Create(), EditRomInfoDialog::Create(), EditStreamMetadata::Create(), SearchStream::Create(), FunctionDialog::Create(), ImageSearchResultsDialog::Create(), MetadataResultsDialog::Create(), ChannelScannerGUIScanPane::Create(), CustomEdit::Create(), CustomPriority::Create(), EditMetadataDialog::Create(), GallerySlideView::Create(), GalleryThumbView::Create(), PhrasePopup::Create(), PowerSearchPopup::Create(), EditPowerSearchPopup::Create(), ItemDetailPopup::Create(), VideoDialog::Create(), FileAssocDialog::Create(), VideoFilterDialog::Create(), CastDialog::Create(), PlotDialog::Create(), ExportNative::Create(), FileSelector::Create(), ArchiveFileSelector::Create(), ImportNative::Create(), LogViewer::Create(), MythBurn::Create(), SelectDestination::Create(), DVDThemeSelector::Create(), ThumbFinder::Create(), BookmarkEditor::Create(), MythBrowser::Create(), GameDetailsPopup::Create(), Ripper::Create(), EditAlbumartDialog::Create(), ImportMusicDialog::Create(), ImportCoverArtDialog::Create(), ImportSettings::Create(), LyricsView::Create(), EditLyricsDialog::Create(), MiniPlayer::Create(), MythMusicVolumeDialog::Create(), TrackInfoDialog::Create(), PlaylistEditorView::Create(), PlaylistView::Create(), RatingSettings::Create(), SearchView::Create(), StreamView::Create(), VisualizationSettings::Create(), VisualizerView::Create(), TrackInfoPopup::Create(), NetEditorBase::Create(), NetSearch::Create(), NetTree::Create(), RSSEditPopup::Create(), RSSEditor::Create(), MythNews::Create(), MythNewsConfig::Create(), MythNewsEditor::Create(), Weather::Create(), WeatherScreen::Create(), GlobalSetup::Create(), ScreenSetup::Create(), SourceSetup::Create(), LocationDialog::Create(), ZMConsole::Create(), ZMEvents::Create(), ZMLivePlayer::Create(), ZMPlayer::Create(), BackendSelection::Create(), GUIStartup::Create(), LanguageSelection::Create(), MythTerminal::Create(), RawSettingsEditor::Create(), StandardSettingDialog::Create(), ChannelEditor::Create(), MythOSDWindow::Create(), OsdNavigation::Create(), MythDialogBox::Create(), MythNotificationScreen::Create(), MythThemedMenuState::Create(), MythUIVirtualKeyboard::Create(), ChannelRecPriority::Create(), GuideGrid::Create(), IdleScreen::Create(), KeyGrabPopupBox::Create(), ManualSchedule::Create(), MythControls::Create(), PlaybackBox::Create(), GroupSelector::Create(), ChangeView::Create(), PasswordChange::Create(), RecMetadataEdit::Create(), HelpPopup::Create(), PrevRecordedList::Create(), ProgDetails::Create(), ProgFinder::Create(), SearchInputDialog::Create(), ProgLister::Create(), ProgramRecPriority::Create(), ScheduleEditor::Create(), AudioSetupWizard::Create(), GeneralSetupWizard::Create(), VideoSetupWizard::Create(), StatusBox::Create(), ThemeChooser::Create(), ViewScheduled::Create(), ScreenWizard::Create(), ImportIconsWizard::Create(), WelcomeDialog::Create(), SchedEditChild::CreateEditChild(), ItemDetailPopup::Exists(), and SubtitleFormat::Load().

◆ LoadBaseTheme() [1/2]

bool XMLParseBase::LoadBaseTheme ( void  )

Definition at line 843 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by doLoad(), MythThemeBase::Init(), and MythThemeBase::Reload().

◆ LoadBaseTheme() [2/2]

bool XMLParseBase::LoadBaseTheme ( const QString &  baseTheme)

Definition at line 873 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

◆ CopyWindowFromBase()

bool XMLParseBase::CopyWindowFromBase ( const QString &  windowname,
MythScreenType win 

◆ doLoad()

bool XMLParseBase::doLoad ( const QString &  windowname,
MythUIType parent,
const QString &  filename,
bool  onlyLoadWindows,
bool  showWarnings 

Definition at line 719 of file xmlparsebase.cpp.

Referenced by LoadBaseTheme(), and LoadWindowFromXML().

◆ ConnectDependants()

static void XMLParseBase::ConnectDependants ( MythUIType parent,
QMap< QString, QString > &  dependsMap 

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