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cCiSession Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 cCiSession (int SessionId, int ResourceId, cCiTransportConnection *Tc)
virtual ~cCiSession ()=default
const cCiTransportConnectionTc (void)
int SessionId (void) const
int ResourceId (void) const
virtual bool HasUserIO (void)
virtual bool Process (int Length=0, const uint8_t *Data=nullptr)

Protected Member Functions

int SendData (int Tag, int Length=0, const uint8_t *Data=nullptr)
int SendData (int Tag, std::vector< uint8_t > &Data)

Static Protected Member Functions

static int GetTag (int &Length, const uint8_t **Data)
static const uint8_t * GetData (const uint8_t *Data, int &Length)

Private Attributes

int m_sessionId
int m_resourceId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 777 of file dvbci.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cCiSession()

cCiSession::cCiSession ( int  SessionId,
int  ResourceId,
cCiTransportConnection Tc 

Definition at line 798 of file dvbci.cpp.

◆ ~cCiSession()

virtual cCiSession::~cCiSession ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTag()

int cCiSession::GetTag ( int &  Length,
const uint8_t **  Data 
DataGets the tag at Data.
[in,out]LengthThe number of bytes to copy from Data. Updated for the size of the string read.
[in,out]DataA pointer to current location for reading data. Updated for the size of the string read.
Returns the actual tag, or AOT_NONE in case of error. Upon return Length and Data represent the remaining data after the tag has been skipped.

Definition at line 805 of file dvbci.cpp.

Referenced by cCiMMI::GetText(), cCiResourceManager::Process(), cCiApplicationInformation::Process(), cCiConditionalAccessSupport::Process(), cCiDateTime::Process(), and cCiMMI::Process().

◆ GetData()

const uint8_t * cCiSession::GetData ( const uint8_t *  Data,
int &  Length 

◆ SendData() [1/2]

int cCiSession::SendData ( int  Tag,
int  Length = 0,
const uint8_t *  Data = nullptr 

◆ SendData() [2/2]

int cCiSession::SendData ( int  Tag,
std::vector< uint8_t > &  Data 

Definition at line 786 of file dvbci.cpp.

◆ Tc()

const cCiTransportConnection* cCiSession::Tc ( void  )

Definition at line 791 of file dvbci.cpp.

Referenced by cCiSession().

◆ SessionId()

int cCiSession::SessionId ( void  ) const

◆ ResourceId()

int cCiSession::ResourceId ( void  ) const

Definition at line 793 of file dvbci.cpp.

Referenced by cCiSession(), cLlCiHandler::OpenSession(), and cLlCiHandler::Process().

◆ HasUserIO()

virtual bool cCiSession::HasUserIO ( void  )

Reimplemented in cCiMMI.

Definition at line 794 of file dvbci.cpp.

◆ Process()

bool cCiSession::Process ( int  Length = 0,
const uint8_t *  Data = nullptr 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_sessionId

int cCiSession::m_sessionId

Definition at line 779 of file dvbci.cpp.

Referenced by cCiSession(), SendData(), and SessionId().

◆ m_resourceId

int cCiSession::m_resourceId

Definition at line 780 of file dvbci.cpp.

Referenced by cCiSession(), and ResourceId().

◆ m_tc

cCiTransportConnection* cCiSession::m_tc

Definition at line 781 of file dvbci.cpp.

Referenced by cCiSession(), SendData(), and Tc().

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