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nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, apikey, mythtv=True, interactive=False, select_first=False, debug=False, custom_ui=None, language=None, search_all_languages=False)
def getRev3Config (self)
 Start - Utility functions. More...
def getUserPreferences (self)
def updateRev3 (self, create=False)
def getSeasonEpisode (self, title, link=None)
def getVideoID (self, link)
def searchTitle (self, title, pagenumber, pagelen)
 End of Utility functions. More...
def searchForVideos (self, title, pagenumber)
def displayTreeView (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Main interface to
This is done to support a common naming framework for all python Netvision plugins no matter their site

Supports search methods
The apikey is a not required to access

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.__init__ (   self,
  mythtv = True,
  interactive = False,
  select_first = False,
  debug = False,
  custom_ui = None,
  language = None,
  search_all_languages = False 
apikey (str/unicode):
    Specify the target site API key. Applications need their own key in some cases

mythtv (True/False):
    When True, the returned meta data is being returned has the key and values massaged to match MythTV
    When False, the returned meta data  is being returned matches what target site returned

interactive (True/False): (This option is not supported by all target site apis)
    When True, uses built-in console UI is used to select the correct show.
    When False, the first search result is used.

select_first (True/False): (This option is not supported currently implemented in any grabbers)
    Automatically selects the first series search result (rather
    than showing the user a list of more than one series).
    Is overridden by interactive = False, or specifying a custom_ui

debug (True/False):
     shows verbose debugging information

custom_ui (xx_ui.BaseUI subclass): (This option is not supported currently implemented in any grabbers)
    A callable subclass of interactive class (overrides interactive option)

language (2 character language abbreviation): (This option is not supported by all target site apis)
    The language of the returned data. Is also the language search
    uses. Default is "en" (English). For full list, run..

search_all_languages (True/False): (This option is not supported by all target site apis)
    By default, a Netvision grabber will only search in the language specified using
    the language option. When this is True, it will search for the
    show in any language

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getRev3Config()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getRev3Config (   self)

Start - Utility functions.

 Read the MNV Revision3 grabber "rev3_config.xml" configuration file
return nothing

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Referenced by nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getUserPreferences(), and nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchForVideos().

◆ getUserPreferences()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getUserPreferences (   self)
Read the rev3_config.xml and user preference rev3.xml file.
If the rev3.xml file does not exist then create it.
If the rev3.xml file is too old then update it.
return nothing

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Referenced by nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), and nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.searchForVideos().

◆ updateRev3()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.updateRev3 (   self,
  create = False 
 Create or update the rev3.xml user preferences file
return nothing

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◆ getSeasonEpisode()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getSeasonEpisode (   self,
  link = None 
 Check is there is any season or episode number information in an item's title
return array of season and/or episode numbers
return array with None values

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Referenced by nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchTitle(), and nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.searchTitle().

◆ getVideoID()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getVideoID (   self,
 Read the Web page to find the video ID number used for fullscreen autoplay
return the video ID number
return None if the number cannot be found

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Referenced by nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.displayTreeView().

◆ searchTitle()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchTitle (   self,

End of Utility functions.

Key word video search of the Rev3 web site
return an array of matching item elements

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Referenced by nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchForVideos(), nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.searchForVideos(), and nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.searchForVideos().

◆ searchForVideos()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchForVideos (   self,
Common name for a video search. Used to interface with MythTV plugin NetVision

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◆ displayTreeView()

def nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.displayTreeView (   self)
Gather the Revision3 feeds then get a max page of videos meta data in each of them
Display the results and exit

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Member Data Documentation

◆ config


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Referenced by nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.Videos._initLogger(),, nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.Videos.displayTreeView(), giantbomb.giantbomb_api.gamedbQueries.gameData(), giantbomb.giantbomb_api.gamedbQueries.gameSearch(), nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getRev3Config(),, nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.getTedTalksConfig(), nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.getTheWBConfig(), nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getUserPreferences(), nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.getUserPreferences(), nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.getUserPreferences(),,, nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.getVideoID(), nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.Videos.getVideos(),, nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchForVideos(), nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.searchForVideos(), nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.searchForVideos(), nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.searchTitle(), nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.searchTitle(), nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.searchTitle(), nv_python_libs.rev3.rev3_api.Videos.updateRev3(), nv_python_libs.tedtalks.tedtalks_api.Videos.updateTedTalks(), and nv_python_libs.thewb.thewb_api.Videos.updateTheWB().

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◆ log_name


◆ logger


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◆ error_messages


◆ channel

◆ s_e_Patterns


◆ FullScreen


◆ FullScreenParser


◆ FullScreenVidIDxPath


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