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nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, key, secret, server="", port=PORT, request_token_url=REQUEST_TOKEN_URL, access_token_url=ACCESS_TOKEN_URL, authorization_url=AUTHORIZATION_URL, token=None, token_secret=None)
def get_request_token (self)
def get_authorize_token_url (self)
def get_access_token (self, verifier)
def vimeo_oauth_checkAccessToken (self, auth_token)
def vimeo_albums_getAll (self, user_id, sort=None, per_page=None, page=None)
 Album section. More...
def vimeo_videos_search (self, query, sort=None, per_page=None, page=None)
 Video section. More...
def vimeo_channels_getAll (self, sort=None, per_page=None, page=None)
 Channel section. More...
def vimeo_channels_getVideos (self, channel_id=None, full_response=None, per_page=None, page=None)
def vimeo_test_echo (self, params={})
 Contacts section. More...
def vimeo_test_login (self)
def vimeo_test_null (self)
def vimeo_videos_upload_getQuota (self)
 Videos section. More...

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _fetch_token (self, oauth_request)
def _do_vimeo_authenticated_call (self, method, parameters={})
def _do_vimeo_unauthenticated_call (self, method, parameters={})

Detailed Description

Class used for handling authenticated call to the API.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.__init__ (   self,
  server = "",
  port = PORT,
  request_token_url = REQUEST_TOKEN_URL,
  access_token_url = ACCESS_TOKEN_URL,
  authorization_url = AUTHORIZATION_URL,
  token = None,
  token_secret = None 
You need to give both key (consumer key) and secret (consumer secret).
If you already have an access token (token+secret), you can use it
by giving it through token and token_secret parameters.
If not, then you need to call both get_request_token(), get_authorize_token_url() and
finally get_access_token().

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_request_token()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.get_request_token (   self)
Requests a request token and return it on success.

Definition at line 241 of file

◆ get_authorize_token_url()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.get_authorize_token_url (   self)
Returns a URL used to verify and authorize the application to access
user's account. The pointed page should contain a simple 'password' that
acts as the 'verifier' in oauth.

Definition at line 252 of file

◆ get_access_token()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.get_access_token (   self,
Should be called after having received the 'verifier' from the authorization page.
See 'get_authorize_token_url()' method.

Definition at line 264 of file

◆ _fetch_token()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient._fetch_token (   self,
Sends a requests and interprets the result as a token string.

Definition at line 278 of file

Referenced by nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.get_access_token(), and nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.get_request_token().

◆ vimeo_oauth_checkAccessToken()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_oauth_checkAccessToken (   self,

Definition at line 285 of file

◆ _do_vimeo_authenticated_call()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient._do_vimeo_authenticated_call (   self,
  parameters = {} 

◆ _do_vimeo_unauthenticated_call()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient._do_vimeo_unauthenticated_call (   self,
  parameters = {} 

◆ vimeo_albums_getAll()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_albums_getAll (   self,
  sort = None,
  per_page = None,
  page = None 

Album section.

Get a list of a user's albums.
This method does not require authentication.

Definition at line 320 of file

◆ vimeo_videos_search()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_videos_search (   self,
  sort = None,
  per_page = None,
  page = None 

Video section.

Search for matching Videos.
This method does not require authentication.

Definition at line 340 of file

◆ vimeo_channels_getAll()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_channels_getAll (   self,
  sort = None,
  per_page = None,
  page = None 

Channel section.

Get a list of all public channels.
This method does not require authentication.

Definition at line 365 of file

◆ vimeo_channels_getVideos()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_channels_getVideos (   self,
  channel_id = None,
  full_response = None,
  per_page = None,
  page = None 
Get a list of Videos for a specific channels.
This method does not require authentication.

Definition at line 384 of file

◆ vimeo_test_echo()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_test_echo (   self,
  params = {} 

Contacts section.

Groups section Groups Events section Groups forums section OAuth section People section Test section

This will just repeat back any parameters that you send.
No auth required

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◆ vimeo_test_login()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_test_login (   self)
Is the user logged in?

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◆ vimeo_test_null()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_test_null (   self)
This is just a simple null/ping test.

You can use this method to make sure that you are properly
contacting to the Vimeo API.

Definition at line 453 of file

◆ vimeo_videos_upload_getQuota()

def nv_python_libs.vimeo.vimeo_api.SimpleOAuthClient.vimeo_videos_upload_getQuota (   self)

Videos section.

Videos comments section Videos embed section Videos Upload section

(from vimeo API documentation)
Get the space and number of HD uploads left for a user.

Numbers are provided in bytes. It's a good idea to check this
method before you upload a video to let the user know if their
video will be converted to HD. hd_quota will have a value of 0
if the user reached the max number of uploads, 1
otherwise. Resets is the number of the day of the week,
starting with Sunday.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ curly


◆ key


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◆ secret


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◆ server


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◆ port


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◆ request_token_url


◆ access_token_url


◆ authorization_url


◆ consumer


◆ token


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