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diseqc.h File Reference
#include <cinttypes>
#include <climits>
#include <vector>
#include <QString>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QMap>
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class  DiSEqCDevSettings
 DVB-S device settings class. More...
class  DiSEqCDev
 Main DVB-S device interface. More...
class  DiSEqCDevTrees
 Static-scoped locked tree list class. More...
class  DiSEqCDevTree
 DVB-S device tree class. Represents a tree of DVB-S devices. More...
class  DiSEqCDevDevice
 Represents a node in a DVB-S device network. More...
struct  DiSEqCDevDevice::TypeTable
class  DiSEqCDevSwitch
 Switch class, including tone, legacy and DiSEqC switches. More...
class  DiSEqCDevRotor
 Rotor class. More...
class  DiSEqCDevSCR
 Unicable / SCR Class. More...
class  DiSEqCDevLNB
 LNB Class. More...


using uint_to_dbl_t = QMap< uint, double >
using dbl_to_uint_t = QMap< double, uint >
using cardid_to_diseqc_tree_t = QMap< uint, DiSEqCDevTree * >
using dvbdev_vec_t = std::vector< DiSEqCDevDevice * >
using cmd_vec_t = std::vector< uint8_t >

Typedef Documentation

◆ uint_to_dbl_t

using uint_to_dbl_t = QMap<uint, double>

Definition at line 30 of file diseqc.h.

◆ dbl_to_uint_t

using dbl_to_uint_t = QMap<double, uint>

Definition at line 31 of file diseqc.h.

◆ cardid_to_diseqc_tree_t

Definition at line 32 of file diseqc.h.

◆ dvbdev_vec_t

using dvbdev_vec_t = std::vector<DiSEqCDevDevice*>

Definition at line 33 of file diseqc.h.

◆ cmd_vec_t

using cmd_vec_t = std::vector<uint8_t>

Definition at line 34 of file diseqc.h.