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fourcc.h File Reference
#include "libmythbase/mythconfig.h"
#include <string>
#include "libavutil/common.h"
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#define FOURCC_422P   MKTAG('4','2','2','P')
 YVU422 planar. More...
#define FOURCC_AI44   MKTAG('A','I','4','4')
#define FOURCC_I420   MKTAG('I','4','2','0')
#define FOURCC_IA44   MKTAG('I','A','4','4')
#define FOURCC_IYUV   MKTAG('I','Y','U','V')
#define FOURCC_RGB2   MKTAG('R','G','B','2')
#define FOURCC_RGBX   MKTAG('R','G','B','X')
#define FOURCC_RV15   MKTAG('R','V','1','5')
#define FOURCC_RV16   MKTAG('R','V','1','6')
#define FOURCC_RV24   MKTAG('R','V','2','4')
#define FOURCC_RV32   MKTAG('R','V','3','2')
#define FOURCC_YU12   MKTAG('Y','U','1','2')
#define FOURCC_YUNV   MKTAG('Y','U','N','V')
#define FOURCC_YUY2   MKTAG('Y','U','Y','2')
#define FOURCC_YUYV   MKTAG('Y','U','Y','V')
#define FOURCC_YV12   MKTAG('Y','V','1','2')
#define FOURCC_LAME   MKTAG('L','A','M','E')
#define FOURCC_RAWA   MKTAG('R','A','W','A')
#define FOURCC_AC3   MKTAG('A','C','3',' ')
#define FOURCC_DIV3   MKTAG('D','I','V','3') /* MPEG4 v3 */
#define FOURCC_DIVX   MKTAG('D','I','V','X') /* MPEG4 */
#define FOURCC_dvsd   MKTAG('d','v','s','d') /* DV cameras (FireWire/IEEE1394) */
#define FOURCC_H263   MKTAG('H','2','6','3')
#define FOURCC_H264   MKTAG('H','2','6','4')
#define FOURCC_HFYU   MKTAG('H','F','Y','U')
#define FOURCC_I263   MKTAG('I','2','6','3')
#define FOURCC_MJPG   MKTAG('M','J','P','G')
#define FOURCC_MP42   MKTAG('M','P','4','2') /* MPEG4 v2 */
#define FOURCC_MPEG   MKTAG('M','P','E','G') /* MPEG1 */
#define FOURCC_MPG2   MKTAG('M','P','G','2') /* MPEG2 */
#define FOURCC_MPG4   MKTAG('M','P','G','4') /* MPEG4 v1 */
#define FOURCC_RJPG   MKTAG('R','J','P','G')
#define FOURCC_WMV1   MKTAG('W','M','V','1')


static const char * fourcc_str (int i)


static constexpr uint32_t GUID_I420_PLANAR { 0x30323449 }
static constexpr uint32_t GUID_IYUV_PLANAR { 0x56555949 }
 bit equivalent to I420 More...
static constexpr uint32_t GUID_YV12_PLANAR { 0x32315659 }
static constexpr uint32_t GUID_IA44_PACKED { 0x34344941 }
static constexpr uint32_t GUID_AI44_PACKED { 0x34344149 }
static constexpr uint32_t GUID_YUY2_PACKED { 0x32595559 }
static constexpr uint32_t GUID_UYVY_PACKED { 0x59565955 }

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FOURCC_422P   MKTAG('4','2','2','P')

YVU422 planar.

Definition at line 47 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_AI44   MKTAG('A','I','4','4')

Definition at line 48 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_I420   MKTAG('I','4','2','0')

Definition at line 49 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_IA44   MKTAG('I','A','4','4')

Definition at line 50 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_IYUV   MKTAG('I','Y','U','V')

Definition at line 51 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RGB2   MKTAG('R','G','B','2')

Definition at line 52 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RGBX   MKTAG('R','G','B','X')

Definition at line 53 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RV15   MKTAG('R','V','1','5')

Definition at line 54 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RV16   MKTAG('R','V','1','6')

Definition at line 55 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RV24   MKTAG('R','V','2','4')

Definition at line 56 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RV32   MKTAG('R','V','3','2')

Definition at line 57 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_YU12   MKTAG('Y','U','1','2')

Definition at line 58 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_YUNV   MKTAG('Y','U','N','V')

Definition at line 59 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_YUY2   MKTAG('Y','U','Y','2')

Definition at line 60 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_YUYV   MKTAG('Y','U','Y','V')

Definition at line 61 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_YV12   MKTAG('Y','V','1','2')

Definition at line 62 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_LAME   MKTAG('L','A','M','E')

Definition at line 81 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RAWA   MKTAG('R','A','W','A')

Definition at line 82 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_AC3   MKTAG('A','C','3',' ')

Definition at line 83 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_DIV3   MKTAG('D','I','V','3') /* MPEG4 v3 */

Definition at line 90 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_DIVX   MKTAG('D','I','V','X') /* MPEG4 */

Definition at line 91 of file fourcc.h.

◆ FOURCC_dvsd

#define FOURCC_dvsd   MKTAG('d','v','s','d') /* DV cameras (FireWire/IEEE1394) */

Definition at line 92 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_H263   MKTAG('H','2','6','3')

Definition at line 93 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_H264   MKTAG('H','2','6','4')

Definition at line 94 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_HFYU   MKTAG('H','F','Y','U')

Definition at line 95 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_I263   MKTAG('I','2','6','3')

Definition at line 96 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_MJPG   MKTAG('M','J','P','G')

Definition at line 97 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_MP42   MKTAG('M','P','4','2') /* MPEG4 v2 */

Definition at line 98 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_MPEG   MKTAG('M','P','E','G') /* MPEG1 */

Definition at line 99 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_MPG2   MKTAG('M','P','G','2') /* MPEG2 */

Definition at line 100 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_MPG4   MKTAG('M','P','G','4') /* MPEG4 v1 */

Definition at line 101 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_RJPG   MKTAG('R','J','P','G')

Definition at line 102 of file fourcc.h.


#define FOURCC_WMV1   MKTAG('W','M','V','1')

Definition at line 103 of file fourcc.h.

Function Documentation

◆ fourcc_str()

static const char* fourcc_str ( int  i)

Variable Documentation


constexpr uint32_t GUID_I420_PLANAR { 0x30323449 }

Definition at line 68 of file fourcc.h.


constexpr uint32_t GUID_IYUV_PLANAR { 0x56555949 }

bit equivalent to I420

Definition at line 69 of file fourcc.h.


constexpr uint32_t GUID_YV12_PLANAR { 0x32315659 }

Definition at line 70 of file fourcc.h.


constexpr uint32_t GUID_IA44_PACKED { 0x34344941 }

Definition at line 71 of file fourcc.h.


constexpr uint32_t GUID_AI44_PACKED { 0x34344149 }

Definition at line 72 of file fourcc.h.


constexpr uint32_t GUID_YUY2_PACKED { 0x32595559 }

Definition at line 73 of file fourcc.h.


constexpr uint32_t GUID_UYVY_PACKED { 0x59565955 }

Definition at line 74 of file fourcc.h.