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1 #ifndef GRAPHIC_H
2 #define GRAPHIC_H
4 typedef unsigned int Uint;
6 typedef struct
7 {
8  unsigned short r, v, b;
9 }
10 Color;
12 extern const Color BLACK;
13 extern const Color WHITE;
14 extern const Color RED;
15 extern const Color BLUE;
16 extern const Color GREEN;
17 extern const Color YELLOW;
18 extern const Color ORANGE;
19 extern const Color VIOLET;
21 //inline void setPixelRGB (Uint * buffer, Uint x, Uint y, Color c);
22 //inline void getPixelRGB (Uint * buffer, Uint x, Uint y, Color * c);
24 #endif /* GRAPHIC_H */
unsigned short v
Definition: graphic.h:8
const Color BLACK
Definition: graphic.c:3
const Color WHITE
Definition: graphic.c:4
const Color GREEN
Definition: graphic.c:6
const Color RED
Definition: graphic.c:5
Definition: graphic.h:6
const Color BLUE
Definition: graphic.c:7
const Color ORANGE
Definition: graphic.c:9
const Color VIOLET
Definition: graphic.c:10
const Color YELLOW
Definition: graphic.c:8
unsigned int Uint
Definition: graphic.h:4