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imagemanager.h File Reference

Manages a collection of images. More...

#include <utility>
#include <QTemporaryDir>
#include "libmythbase/mythcorecontext.h"
#include "libmythbase/mythdirs.h"
#include "libmythbase/storagegroup.h"
#include "imagescanner.h"
#include "imagemetadata.h"
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class  DeviceManager
 Manages image sources, ie. More...
class  ImageAdapterBase
 Common filesystem facilities. More...
class  ImageAdapterLocal
 Filesystem adapter for Frontend, managing local devices iaw MediaMonitor. More...
class  ImageAdapterSg
 Filesystem adapter for Backend, managing Photographs storage group. More...
class  ImageDb< FS >
 Database API. More...
class  ImageDbSg
 A Database API with SG adapter for remote images. More...
class  ImageDbLocal
 A Database with device adapter for local images. More...
class  ImageHandler< DBFS >
 A handler for image operations. Requires a database/filesystem adapter. More...
class  ImageManagerBe
 The image manager to be used by the Backend. More...
class  ImageDbReader
 Provides read access to local & remote images. More...
class  ImageManagerFe
 The image manager for use by Frontends. More...


enum  ImageDisplayType { kPicAndVideo = 0, kPicOnly = 1, kVideoOnly = 2 }
 Display filter. More...


static constexpr const char * IMAGE_STORAGE_GROUP { "Photographs" }
static constexpr const char * THUMBNAIL_STORAGE_GROUP { "Temp" }
static constexpr const char * TEMP_SUBDIR { "tmp" }
static constexpr const char * THUMBNAIL_SUBDIR { "Images" }
static constexpr int DEVICE_INVALID { -1 }

Detailed Description

Manages a collection of images.

Provides a generic Gallery comprising; a database API for reading images, a scanner to synchronise the database to a filesystem a thumbnail generator to manage thumbnails for each database image handlers for image operations

Definition in file imagemanager.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ImageDisplayType

Display filter.


Show Pictures & Videos.


Hide videos.


Hide pictures.

Definition at line 77 of file imagemanager.h.

Variable Documentation


constexpr const char* IMAGE_STORAGE_GROUP { "Photographs" }

Definition at line 63 of file imagemanager.h.

Referenced by ImageDbSg::ImageDbSg(), and ImageAdapterSg::MakeFileUrl().


constexpr const char* THUMBNAIL_STORAGE_GROUP { "Temp" }

Definition at line 64 of file imagemanager.h.

Referenced by ImageAdapterSg::MakeThumbUrl().


constexpr const char* TEMP_SUBDIR { "tmp" }

Definition at line 67 of file imagemanager.h.

Referenced by ImageAdapterBase::GetAbsThumbPath(), and Device::RemoveThumbs().


constexpr const char* THUMBNAIL_SUBDIR { "Images" }

Definition at line 69 of file imagemanager.h.

Referenced by Device::Device().


constexpr int DEVICE_INVALID { -1 }