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iso3166.h File Reference

ISO 3166-1 support functions. More...

#include <QString>
#include <QMap>
#include "mythbaseexp.h"
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using ISO3166ToNameMap = QMap< QString, QString >


MBASE_PUBLIC ISO3166ToNameMap GetISO3166EnglishCountryMap (void)
 Returns a map of ISO-3166 country codes mapped to the country name in English. More...
MBASE_PUBLIC QString GetISO3166EnglishCountryName (const QString &iso3166Code)
MBASE_PUBLIC ISO3166ToNameMap GetISO3166CountryMap (void)
MBASE_PUBLIC QString GetISO3166CountryName (const QString &iso3166Code)

Detailed Description

ISO 3166-1 support functions.

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 is the two letter standard for specifying a country. This is used by MythTV for locale support.

In many contexts, such as with translations, these country codes can be prefixed with a 2 digit ISO639 language code and an underscore.

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Definition in file iso3166.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ISO3166ToNameMap

using ISO3166ToNameMap = QMap<QString, QString>

Definition at line 23 of file iso3166.h.

Function Documentation

◆ GetISO3166EnglishCountryMap()

MBASE_PUBLIC ISO3166ToNameMap GetISO3166EnglishCountryMap ( void  )

Returns a map of ISO-3166 country codes mapped to the country name in English.

See also

Definition at line 344 of file iso3166.cpp.

Referenced by V2Config::GetCountries(), and LanguageSelection::Load().

◆ GetISO3166EnglishCountryName()

MBASE_PUBLIC QString GetISO3166EnglishCountryName ( const QString &  iso3166Code)

Definition at line 352 of file iso3166.cpp.

Referenced by MythLocale::GetCountry().

◆ GetISO3166CountryMap()

MBASE_PUBLIC ISO3166ToNameMap GetISO3166CountryMap ( void  )

Definition at line 360 of file iso3166.cpp.

◆ GetISO3166CountryName()

MBASE_PUBLIC QString GetISO3166CountryName ( const QString &  iso3166Code)