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mmx.h File Reference
#include "libmythbase/mythconfig.h"
#include "libmythbase/ffmpeg-mmx.h"
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#define MM_MMX   0x0001 /* standard MMX */
#define MM_3DNOW   0x0004 /* AMD 3DNOW */
#define MM_MMXEXT   0x0002 /* SSE integer functions or AMD MMX ext */
#define MM_SSE   0x0008 /* SSE functions */
#define MM_SSE2   0x0010 /* PIV SSE2 functions */
#define MM_3DNOWEXT   0x0020 /* AMD 3DNowExt */

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#define MM_MMX   0x0001 /* standard MMX */

Definition at line 6 of file mmx.h.


#define MM_3DNOW   0x0004 /* AMD 3DNOW */

Definition at line 7 of file mmx.h.


#define MM_MMXEXT   0x0002 /* SSE integer functions or AMD MMX ext */

Definition at line 8 of file mmx.h.


#define MM_SSE   0x0008 /* SSE functions */

Definition at line 9 of file mmx.h.


#define MM_SSE2   0x0010 /* PIV SSE2 functions */

Definition at line 10 of file mmx.h.


#define MM_3DNOWEXT   0x0020 /* AMD 3DNowExt */

Definition at line 11 of file mmx.h.