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mpegtables.h File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <utility>
#include "libmythbase/stringutil.h"
#include "libmythtv/mpeg/mpegdescriptors.h"
#include "libmythtv/mpeg/pespacket.h"
#include "libmythtv/mythtvexp.h"
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class  PESStreamID
 Contains a listing of PES Stream ID's for various PES Packet types. More...
class  StreamID
 Contains listing of PMT Stream ID's for various A/V Stream types. More...
class  PID
 Contains Packet Identifier numeric values. More...
class  TableID
 Contains listing of Table ID's for various tables (PAT=0,PMT=2,etc). More...
class  PSIPTable
 A PSIP table is a variant of a PES packet containing an MPEG, ATSC or DVB table. More...
class  ProgramAssociationTable
 The Program Association Table lists all the programs in a stream, and is always found on PID 0. More...
class  ProgramMapTable
 A PMT table maps a program described in the ProgramAssociationTable to various PID's which describe the multimedia contents of the program. More...
class  ConditionalAccessTable
 The CAT is used to transmit additional ConditionalAccessDescriptor instances, in addition to the ones in the PMTs. More...
class  SpliceTimeView
class  SpliceScheduleView
class  SpliceInsertView
class  SpliceInformationTable
class  AdaptationFieldControl
 AdaptationFieldControl is used to transmit various important stream attributes. More...


static constexpr qint64 GPS_EPOCH { 315964800 }
 Seconds between start of GPS time and the start of UNIX time. More...
static constexpr uint8_t GPS_LEAP_SECONDS { 18 }
 Leap seconds as of June 30th, 2022. More...

Detailed Description

special ATSC restrictions on PMT,PAT tables
max 400ms,100ms between PMTs,PATs, resp.
no adaptation headers in PMT,PAT or PSIP packets
(?unless version number is discontinuous?)
PES Payload must not be scrambled (1999 Sarnoff)
No Clock in PES, no MPEG-1 System Fields, no CRC or priv. data
no more than one frame per PES packet
program 0 is network information table in DVB streams

Definition in file mpegtables.h.

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constexpr qint64 GPS_EPOCH { 315964800 }

Seconds between start of GPS time and the start of UNIX time.

i.e. from Jan 1st, 1970 UTC to Jan 6th, 1980 UTC

Definition at line 31 of file mpegtables.h.

Referenced by VirtualChannelMapSubtable::ActivationTimeUTC(), EITHelper::CompleteEvent(), SCTESystemTimeTable::GPSUnix(), SystemTimeTable::GPSUnix(), EventInformationTable::StartTimeGPS(), and SystemTimeTable::SystemTimeGPS().


constexpr uint8_t GPS_LEAP_SECONDS { 18 }

Leap seconds as of June 30th, 2022.

Definition at line 34 of file mpegtables.h.

std::chrono::system_clock Clock
Definition: zmserver.h:28
@ No
string version