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mythdeinterlacer.cpp File Reference
#include "libmythbase/mythconfig.h"
#include "libmythbase/mythlogging.h"
#include "mythavutil.h"
#include "mythdeinterlacer.h"
#include "mythvideoprofile.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <thread>
#include "libavfilter/buffersrc.h"
#include "libavfilter/buffersink.h"
#include "libavutil/cpu.h"
#include <QtGlobal>
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#define LOC   QString("MythDeint: ")


static uint32_t avg (uint32_t A, uint32_t B)
static void BlendC4x4 (unsigned char *Src, int Width, int FirstRow, int LastRow, int Pitch, unsigned char *Dst, int DstPitch, bool Second)

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#define LOC   QString("MythDeint: ")

Definition at line 28 of file mythdeinterlacer.cpp.

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◆ avg()

static uint32_t avg ( uint32_t  A,
uint32_t  B 

◆ BlendC4x4()

static void BlendC4x4 ( unsigned char *  Src,
int  Width,
int  FirstRow,
int  LastRow,
int  Pitch,
unsigned char *  Dst,
int  DstPitch,
bool  Second 

Definition at line 470 of file mythdeinterlacer.cpp.

Referenced by MythDeinterlacer::Blend().