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mythegl.h File Reference
#include <QOpenGLContext>
#include "libmythui/mythuiexp.h"
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class  MythEGL


using MYTH_EGLIMAGETARGET = void(*)(GLenum, void *)
using MYTH_EGLCREATEIMAGE = void *(*)(void *, void *, unsigned int, void *, const int32_t *)
using MYTH_EGLDESTROYIMAGE = void(*)(void *, void *)
using MYTH_EGLGETPLATFORMDISPLAY = void *(*)(GLenum, void *, const intptr_t *)

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using MYTH_EGLIMAGETARGET = void (*)(GLenum, void*)

Definition at line 10 of file mythegl.h.


using MYTH_EGLCREATEIMAGE = void* (*)(void*, void*, unsigned int, void*, const int32_t *)

Definition at line 11 of file mythegl.h.


using MYTH_EGLDESTROYIMAGE = void (*)(void*, void*)

Definition at line 12 of file mythegl.h.


using MYTH_EGLGETPLATFORMDISPLAY = void* (*)(GLenum, void*, const intptr_t*)

Definition at line 13 of file mythegl.h.