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mythhdr.h File Reference
#include <QObject>
#include <memory>
#include "mythuiexp.h"
#include "mythcolourspace.h"
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class  MythHDRMetadata
 Encapsulates HDR metadata conformant with Static Metadata Type 1 per CTA-861-G Final. More...
class  MythHDR


using MythHDRMetaPtr = std::shared_ptr< class MythHDRMetadata >
using MythHDRPtr = std::shared_ptr< class MythHDR >

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using MythHDRMetaPtr = std::shared_ptr<class MythHDRMetadata>

Definition at line 14 of file mythhdr.h.

◆ MythHDRPtr

using MythHDRPtr = std::shared_ptr<class MythHDR>

Definition at line 30 of file mythhdr.h.