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mythpluginapi.h File Reference
#include "mythexp.h"
#include "mythplugin.h"
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MPUBLIC int mythplugin_init (const char *libversion)
MPUBLIC int mythplugin_run ()
MPUBLIC int mythplugin_config ()
MPUBLIC MythPluginType mythplugin_type ()
MPUBLIC void mythplugin_destroy ()

Function Documentation

◆ mythplugin_init()

MPUBLIC int mythplugin_init ( const char *  libversion)

◆ mythplugin_run()

MPUBLIC int mythplugin_run ( )

Definition at line 367 of file mythplugins/mytharchive/mytharchive/main.cpp.

Referenced by runBookmarkManager().

◆ mythplugin_config()

MPUBLIC int mythplugin_config ( )

◆ mythplugin_type()

MPUBLIC MythPluginType mythplugin_type ( )

◆ mythplugin_destroy()

MPUBLIC void mythplugin_destroy ( )

Definition at line 909 of file mythplugins/mythmusic/mythmusic/main.cpp.