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mythsorthelper.cpp File Reference
#include "mythsorthelper.h"
#include "mythcorecontext.h"
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std::shared_ptr< MythSortHelpergetMythSortHelper (void)
 Get a pointer to the MythSortHelper singleton. More...
void resetMythSortHelper (void)
 Delete the MythSortHelper singleton. More...


static std::shared_ptr< MythSortHelpersingleton = nullptr

Function Documentation

◆ getMythSortHelper()

std::shared_ptr<MythSortHelper> getMythSortHelper ( void  )

◆ resetMythSortHelper()

void resetMythSortHelper ( void  )

Delete the MythSortHelper singleton.

This function deletes the pointer to the MythSortHelper singleton. This will force the next call to get the singleton to create a new one, which will pick up any modified parameters. The old one will be deleted when the last reference goes away (which probably happens with this assignment).

Definition at line 150 of file mythsorthelper.cpp.

Referenced by MainGeneralSettings::applyChange().

Variable Documentation

◆ singleton

std::shared_ptr<MythSortHelper> singleton = nullptr

Definition at line 123 of file mythsorthelper.cpp.

Referenced by getMythSortHelper(), and resetMythSortHelper().