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#include "mythutilscocoa.h"
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <IOKit/graphics/IOGraphicsLib.h>
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CGDirectDisplayID GetOSXCocoaDisplay (void *View)
static Boolean CFNumberEqualsUInt32 (CFNumberRef Number, uint32_t Uint32)
QByteArray GetOSXEDID (CGDirectDisplayID Display)

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◆ GetOSXCocoaDisplay()

CGDirectDisplayID GetOSXCocoaDisplay ( void *  View)

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Referenced by GetOSXDisplay().

◆ CFNumberEqualsUInt32()

static Boolean CFNumberEqualsUInt32 ( CFNumberRef  Number,
uint32_t  Uint32 

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QByteArray GetOSXEDID ( CGDirectDisplayID  Display)

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