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mythv4l2m2mcontext.h File Reference
#include "mythdrmprimecontext.h"
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class  MythV4L2M2MContext
 A handler for V4L2 Memory2Memory codecs. More...


using V4L2Profiles = QList< MythCodecContext::CodecProfile >
using V4L2Mapping = QPair< const uint32_t, const MythCodecContext::CodecProfile >

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◆ V4L2Profiles

Definition at line 7 of file mythv4l2m2mcontext.h.

◆ V4L2Mapping

using V4L2Mapping = QPair<const uint32_t, const MythCodecContext::CodecProfile>

Definition at line 8 of file mythv4l2m2mcontext.h.