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giantbomb.giantbomb_api Namespace Reference


class  gamedbQueries
class  OutStreamEncoder


def main ()


string __title__ = "giantbomb_api - Simple-to-use Python interface to The GiantBomb's API (";
string __author__ = "R.D. Vaughan"
string __purpose__
string __version__ = "v0.1.0"
string version = ''

Function Documentation

◆ main()

def giantbomb.giantbomb_api.main ( )
Simple example of using giantbomb_api - it just
searches for any Game with the word "Grand" in its title and returns a list of matches
in Universal XML format. Also gets game details using a GameBomb#.

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Variable Documentation

◆ __title__

string giantbomb.giantbomb_api.__title__ = "giantbomb_api - Simple-to-use Python interface to The GiantBomb's API (";

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◆ __author__

string giantbomb.giantbomb_api.__author__ = "R.D. Vaughan"

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◆ __purpose__

string giantbomb.giantbomb_api.__purpose__
Initial value:
1 = '''
2 This python script is intended to perform a variety of utility functions to search and access text
3 metadata and image URLs from GiantBomb. These routines are based on the GiantBomb api. Specifications
4 for this api are published at
5 '''

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◆ __version__

string giantbomb.giantbomb_api.__version__ = "v0.1.0"

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◆ version

string giantbomb.giantbomb_api.version = ''

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