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nv_python_libs.common.common_api Namespace Reference


class  Common
 Start - Utility functions. More...
class  getURL
class  OutStreamEncoder


string __title__ = "common_api - Common class libraries for all MythNetvision Mashup processing"
string __author__ = "R.D. Vaughan"
string __purpose__
string __version__ = "v0.2.3"
string version = ''

Variable Documentation

◆ __title__

string nv_python_libs.common.common_api.__title__ = "common_api - Common class libraries for all MythNetvision Mashup processing"

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◆ __author__

string nv_python_libs.common.common_api.__author__ = "R.D. Vaughan"

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◆ __purpose__

string nv_python_libs.common.common_api.__purpose__
Initial value:
1 = '''
2 This python script is intended to perform a variety of utility functions for the processing of
3 MythNetvision Grabber scripts that run as a Web application and global functions used by many
4 MNV grabbers.
5 '''

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◆ __version__

string nv_python_libs.common.common_api.__version__ = "v0.2.3"

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◆ version

string nv_python_libs.common.common_api.version = ''

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