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nv_python_libs.mashups.mashups_api Namespace Reference


class  OutStreamEncoder
class  Videos


string __title__ = "mashups_api - Simple-to-use Python interface to Mashups of RSS feeds and HTML video data"
string __author__ = "R.D. Vaughan"
string __purpose__
string __version__ = "v0.1.6"
string version = ''

Variable Documentation

◆ __title__

string nv_python_libs.mashups.mashups_api.__title__ = "mashups_api - Simple-to-use Python interface to Mashups of RSS feeds and HTML video data"

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◆ __author__

string nv_python_libs.mashups.mashups_api.__author__ = "R.D. Vaughan"

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◆ __purpose__

string nv_python_libs.mashups.mashups_api.__purpose__
Initial value:
1 = '''
2 This python script is intended to perform a variety of utility functions to search and access text
3 meta data, video and image URLs from various Internet sources. These routines process the RSS feeds and information into MNV standard channel, directory and item RSS XML files. The specific Mashups are specified through a user XML preference file usually found at
4 "~/.mythtv/MythNetvision/userGrabberPrefs/xxxxMashup.xml" where "xxxx" is the specific mashup name matching the associated grabber name that calls these functions.
5 '''

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◆ __version__

string nv_python_libs.mashups.mashups_api.__version__ = "v0.1.6"

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◆ version

string nv_python_libs.mashups.mashups_api.version = ''

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