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newssite.cpp File Reference
#include <QFile>
#include <mythdate.h>
#include <mythlogging.h>
#include <mythdirs.h>
#include <mythdownloadmanager.h>
#include <mythevent.h>
#include <mythsorthelper.h>
#include "newssite.h"
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#define LOC   QString("NewsSite: ")
#define LOC_WARN   QString("NewsSite, Warning: ")
#define LOC_ERR   QString("NewsSite, Error: ")


static bool isImage (const QString &mimeType)
static bool isVideo (const QString &mimeType)

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#define LOC   QString("NewsSite: ")

Definition at line 15 of file newssite.cpp.


#define LOC_WARN   QString("NewsSite, Warning: ")

Definition at line 16 of file newssite.cpp.


#define LOC_ERR   QString("NewsSite, Error: ")

Definition at line 17 of file newssite.cpp.

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◆ isImage()

static bool isImage ( const QString &  mimeType)

Definition at line 286 of file newssite.cpp.

Referenced by NewsSite::parseRSS().

◆ isVideo()

static bool isVideo ( const QString &  mimeType)