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1 #ifndef ROMEDITDLG_H_
2 #define ROMEDITDLG_H_
4 #include <mythscreentype.h>
6 class RomInfo;
9 {
12  public:
14  const QString& name,
15  RomInfo *romInfo);
17  ~EditRomInfoDialog() override;
19  bool Create() override; // MythScreenType
20  void customEvent(QEvent *levent) override; // MythUIType
21  void SetReturnEvent(QObject *retobject, const QString &resultid);
23  public slots:
24  void SetGamename();
25  void SetGenre();
26  void SetYear();
27  void SetCountry();
28  void SetPlot();
29  void SetPublisher();
30  void ToggleFavorite();
31  void FindScreenshot();
32  void FindFanart();
33  void FindBoxart();
34  void SaveAndExit();
36  private:
37  void fillWidgets();
38  void SetScreenshot(const QString& file);
39  void SetFanart(const QString& file);
40  void SetBoxart(const QString& file);
42  private:
44  QString m_id;
45  QObject *m_retObject {nullptr};
61 };
63 #endif // ROMEDITDLG_H_
void SetPublisher()
Definition: romedit.cpp:197
All purpose text widget, displays a text string.
Definition: mythuitext.h:28
void customEvent(QEvent *levent) override
Definition: romedit.cpp:120
MythUIText * m_boxartText
Definition: romedit.h:59
A checkbox widget supporting three check states - on,off,half and two conditions - selected and unsel...
MythUIText * m_fanartText
Definition: romedit.h:57
void fillWidgets()
Definition: romedit.cpp:135
unsigned int slots[4]
Definition: element.cpp:38
MythUITextEdit * m_genreEdit
Definition: romedit.h:48
MythUIButton * m_fanartButton
Definition: romedit.h:56
void ToggleFavorite()
Definition: romedit.cpp:202
void SetBoxart(const QString &file)
Definition: romedit.cpp:246
MythUITextEdit * m_plotEdit
Definition: romedit.h:51
MythUIButton * m_screenshotButton
Definition: romedit.h:54
MythUITextEdit * m_gamenameEdit
Definition: romedit.h:47
void SetReturnEvent(QObject *retobject, const QString &resultid)
Definition: romedit.cpp:152
MythUIText * m_screenshotText
Definition: romedit.h:55
QString m_id
Definition: romedit.h:44
A text entry and edit widget.
bool Create() override
Definition: romedit.cpp:31
MythUITextEdit * m_countryEdit
Definition: romedit.h:50
~EditRomInfoDialog() override
Definition: romedit.cpp:26
A single button widget.
Definition: mythuibutton.h:21
void SetFanart(const QString &file)
Definition: romedit.cpp:237
void SetScreenshot(const QString &file)
Definition: romedit.cpp:228
MythUICheckBox * m_favoriteCheck
Definition: romedit.h:53
QObject * m_retObject
Definition: romedit.h:45
MythUIButton * m_boxartButton
Definition: romedit.h:58
RomInfo * m_workingRomInfo
Definition: romedit.h:43
EditRomInfoDialog(MythScreenStack *parent, const QString &name, RomInfo *romInfo)
Definition: romedit.cpp:19
void FindScreenshot()
Definition: romedit.cpp:207
Screen in which all other widgets are contained and rendered.
MythUITextEdit * m_publisherEdit
Definition: romedit.h:52
MythUITextEdit * m_yearEdit
Definition: romedit.h:49
MythUIButton * m_doneButton
Definition: romedit.h:60
void SaveAndExit()
Definition: romedit.cpp:159
void SetGamename()
Definition: romedit.cpp:172