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#13651 Duplicate EIT Fixes for greek tv Klaas de Waal yianniv

Hi, just some more corrections and enhancements for greek EIT data. Best regards, Yianni

#13649 fixed Excessive calls to SELECT sourceid FROM capturecard WHERE cardid = ? Klaas de Waal bib1963

My system has 2 USB devices and set to grab the EIT data.

If I run tcpdump on the DB port, I see around 80 calls per second to the above SQL. This is somewhat excessive.

Given that few systems would have anything more than a small number of devices,and even /if/ a system had a huge number, my feeling that the result from a single call can be cached, either while the backend is always up, or even for a period of a few seconds, thus reducing the load.

Perhaps not a true bug report, but could be improved.

The following may not be true, I could have just been unlucky with my timing... This then leads onto a second problem with the EIT data. I see that as it is being read, it is always written to the DB. With SSDs, this put unnecessary wear and tear on the device. Should there not be a read first, and a write only if the data is different?

#13648 Fixed Android 5 fails to load qt libs mspieth mspieth

Android 5 fails to load qt libraries due to invalid has style

Error message is

E/art     ( 8394): dlopen("/data/app/org.mythtv.mythfrontend-2/lib/arm/", RTLD_LAZY) failed: dlopen failed: empty/missing DT_HASH in "" (built with --hash-style=gnu?)
--------- beginning of crash
E/AndroidRuntime( 8394): FATAL EXCEPTION: qtMainLoopThread
E/AndroidRuntime( 8394): Process: org.mythtv.mythfrontend, PID: 8394
E/AndroidRuntime( 8394): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: empty/missing DT_HASH in "" (built with --hash-style=gnu?) 
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