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Jun 28, 2011, 5:20:43 AM (10 years ago)
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    • Property Summary changed from Failed commflag jobs can block future commflag jobs to Improper insertion of jobs through MythWeb can block future commflag jobs
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    initial v18  
    1 When a commflag job fails (segfaults) it leaves an active entry in the job queue. When the number of active but failed commflag entries in the job queue equal the maximum simultaneous jobs allowed by the user, future commflag jobs are not run.  After manually deleting the entries for the failed jobs from the job queue, queued commflag jobs start running.
     1MythWeb has no protection insertion of new jobs into the jobqueue table. If two instances of the details page are opened and the same job run twice, or the user hits the back button triggering a repeat submission, a duplicate job can be added to the table. This results in the second copy of the job being left in the queue indefinitely, confusing subsequent host selection of tasks.
    3 Trunk version 26977
     3This will be rendered a non-issue by the jobqueue rewrite, if not fixed by the time that gets merged in.